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The Shining Wit's Forum Week 5

Chairman's Chirps

30th September 2017

"Wrongly accused"

A fine body of Former RM...I don't think I am qualified to comment on the Thornbury game as I could not make it due to a prior, arranged engagement in Gibraltar last weekend.

However, I have heard reports that we were pretty unlucky not to come away with a win. All in all I believe we are making progress and we are not far off that second win.

Chris Sirrett took the photo. A shadow of his former self...Having just read the last issue of the Shining Wit's Forum, I strongly refute the accusation that any collusion has taken place. Perhaps that lovely, long haired and delightful webmaster is mistaken with his accusations, but I am sure he is up to no good. I'll leave it at that as I do not want to get into a literary battle with said ne'er-do-well.

Ed. Perhaps, collusion was the wrong word - should've used plagiarised instead and attributed the bootlegging of the text to The Onlooker, whose report was the last to arrive.

Roll on next week with another home game, which I may not be able to attend due to Bristol Rugby deciding to ostracize most of the local rugby fraternity by deciding to play some games on Saturdays this season!

Rant over, have a good week. It's back to the recovery position for me.

More cheery, chirpy news next week.

Onlooker's View

30th September 2017

"Patience is a virtue"

I thought the game was in the bag after an early lead, but there we are, I do get it wrong sometimes, just like the time I'd forgotten I'd already bought a round and bought another, way back '67.

We missed our leader today as he was playing with the monkeys in Gibraltar and watching some Corps rugby event. He'll no doubt return with tales of daring-do and lack of sleep.

There are some great club members who put the club first, an example being John Harvey, aka Mr Funcity, who won the lunchtime bottle of whiskey, but put it back to be drawn again next week. Pesronally, I don't think he likes the stuff.

The bar was very busy after the game with Martyn the Bar Steward working flat out with a skeleton staff, but the bloke with the ears, no teeth and glasses could not wait to be served, so he departed. He should have done what Mr.crane did - be patient sit down and wait.

Great to see Terry Harris back in the fold after getting permission from his injured wife and said he would only stay for quick one (I mean drink of course) if needed. He was still there when I left at 20:00. Well done Terry.

I look forward to next week with a win on the board, which I'm sure Nick and Rufus will be pleased with.

More insight next week.

The Cheesies

30th September 2017

"Port sampling season"

As reported last week, we shall shortly be entering the Port sampling season, commencing on the 14th October. Martyn the Bar Steward has already started stocking up on supplies, so if anyone wants to start and warm up early, please feel free to do so.

Chickened out...The Carolina Reaper chilli made another appearance on the cheese table on Saturday, with "He of thick flowing locks" Cruncher Crane threatening to take a bite!! Needless to say he chickened it at the last moment. Even the bloke with the ears, no teeth and glasses wasn't interested in having a nibble -- maybe he's just off his food!!

Dorset Naga chilli_onions...Some very tasty Dorset Naga chilli onions put in an appearance, courtesy of Smoggies trip to sunny Dorset.These were enjoyed by all who were brave enough to sample their delicate flavour.

Our illustrious Chairman's absence from proceedings was noted, although he did put in an appearance on Sunday following his return from yet another globe-trotting trip where he was no doubt brushing up on his survival skills - Ray Mears eat your heart out. Rough, tough hard to muff though he is, he still wouldn't try the onions - pussy!!

Home again this week, let's hope for a better outcome and some really ripe curds.

More Smeggie news next week.

Clevedon 19 Thornbury 25

30th September 2017

"Cool heads needed"

Team: T.Willis, T.Thie, B.Williams, C.Maslen, J.Tucker, A.Cole, A.Vailes, B.Largenton, M.Honour(c), B.Bosley, W.Trollope, O.Jones, R,Biggins, O.Biggins, D.Rawle.
Replacements: B.Stone, J.Vickers, W.Taylor. Coaches: N.Hill/C.Heal Flag: N.Tucker

Joey Tucker scores...

Clevedon could've won this home given a bit more patience and a littles less petulance. Hey ho, that's the way it goes when you have a new mix of old and new players. Things will settle down soon and Clevedon will be moving higher up the league to avoid to the relegation battle and a few panic attacks from the old timers.

Next Saturday, Clevedon 1st Xv are at home to Cullompton for a 15:00 kick off nad preceded by a lunch at 14:00. The 2nd XV are away to Keynsham.

An evening with Sean Fitzpatrick

Sean Fitzpatrick Dinner...A great opportunity to spend an evening in the presence of an All Black Legend. Would be good to get a Clevedon RFC presence at this local event.

Contact Chairman Jim McVeigh if you're interested at Tickets can also be bought direct from Concierge

You can also find Jim in the clubhouse during the week, surrounded by the Cheesy Dips.

This week in 2016

1st October 2016

Kingsbridge 16 Clevedon 16

Team: T.Thie, M.Taylor, A.Rice, C.Maslen, H.Butland, K.Hill, M.Lowis, B.Largenton, J.Ford, J.Lugtig, T.Statton, W.Trollope, R.Biggins, H.Russell, O.Biggin(c). Replacements: L.Appleby, B.Bosley, H.Foley. Coaches: N.Hill/C.HealFlag: N.Tucker. Physio: G.Davis. Referee: Nick Heath (Somerset Society)

Alan Crane: Aaron Rice chips through to score...Throughout this game Clevedon just had the edge, but couldn't quite break down the home defence. An opportunistic drop goal from Kieran Hill after 6 minutes, who somehow picked the ball off his boots, saw the ball squeeze in by the righthand post from 25 yards for a 0-3 lead.

Next week, Clevedon are at home to Chard. The lunch is at 13:30 and the kick off off is at 15:00.The seconds are away to Bristol Harlequins for a 15:00 kick off.

Hill Climb

1st October 2016

This is nothing to do with coach Hill or his son. It is about survival of the fittest.

One of Kingsbridge's best kept secrets for coach travelling away teams is the last quarter of a mile to the clubhouse. Coaches have to park at the bottom of the hill due to a narrow road and 20% hairpin half way up and categorized by The Tour as a CAT 1 climb.

Harris & McVeigh struggle on...The intrepid old boys who travelled with the players were left to their own devices and faced the daunting trek on their own. Messr's Thomas, Harris, Potts and McVeigh started out together, but finished in ascending order of age - McVeigh, Potts, Harris, and Thomas.

The incentive for them all was to get past the entrance before the gate keeper arrived, which they did, leaving enough dosh to buy a refreshing pint.

Thank goodness they all survived - going home in a body bag would have been a bit disappointing and bad for morale.

Read more here.

Bridgwater 41 Clevedon 22

23rd September 2017

"Just a bonus point"

Team: T.Thie, D.Burns, B.Williams, C.Maslen, M.Fisher, A.Cole, J.Williams, B.Largenton, M.Honour(c), B.Bosley, W.Trollope, O.Jones, H.Russell, H.Foley, A.Davis.
Replacements: J.Crewe, W.Taylor, J.Crichton. Coaches: N.Hill/C.Heal Flag: N.Tucker

Harvey Russell scores the third try...

I was instructed by a few absent older types, with grey hair and beer bellies that they would like some text updates during the match.

As the scoreline would suggest, I was kept busy and and had plenty of time to type, while waiting for the conversions.

Here they are for your enjoyment.

15:04 Cameron yellow after 2, tip tackle
15:10 Missed penalty after 10
15:18 Held up on line, hanging on, penalty. Play on half way
15:18 7-0, missed tackle in centres
15:22 12 0 from cross field kick, missed a couple of first up tackles
15:23 Passes not going to hand from restart that Harley won.scrum on bridgy 10
15:30 12-5
15:34 One missed penalty 20 yards out 12-5 still
15:41 12-10 5 yard scrum, shove, number 8 easy conversion missed by replacement kicker Thie
15:42 HT 12-10
15:51 2 mins gone and now19-10. Missed first up tackles again.
15:58 26-10, usual bad stuff
16:03 Just got worse. A poor kick by bridgy, midfielder by winger ,quick throw in and 31-10
16:09 Good news, now 31-15, Harvey from close range scrum
16:09 20 mins to go
16:12 34-15, penalty front of posts
16:27 4 scrums and eventually scored 34-22
16:27 Bonus point
16:30 41- 22, that's the losing bonus point gone that we could have got
16:35 FT 41-22

The game was enjoyable because it was so open and unintentionally loose from both sides, which seems to be the pattern in the league. Bonus points are king and with 42 already scored in four rounds of the league, it promised to be a roller coaster ride for the remainder of the season.

Next week, Clevedon 1st XV are at home to Thornbury for a 15:00 kick off, preceded by the usual lovely lunch. The 2nd XV are away to Old Sulians for a 15:00 kick off.

Leave early to avoid the triffic traffic.

Kate Alder - Wasps Ladies Captain

Kate Alder - Captain of Wasps Ladies...Clevedon Kate is Captain of Wasps Ladies and proud dad Trev went up to Hartpury to watch her play. His report mentioned the words "they was robbed", which was probably a true statement from the gnarly old timer, beacuse he knows his stuff having captained Clevedon way back in 1986.

What a huge honour it is for the club and her proud family to see Kate captaining one the top premier division sides.

That's my girl!

This week in 2016

24th September 2016

Clevedon 27 Bideford 3

Team: T.Thie, M.Taylor, B.Williams, A.Rice, D.Ashfield, M.Taylor, K.Hill, M.Lowis, B.Largenton, J.Ford, B.Bosley,T.Statton, W.Trollope, R.Biggins, H.Russell, O.Biggin(c). Replacements: L.Appleby, J.Lugtig, H.Foley. Coaches: N.Hill/C.HealFlag: J.Durant. Physio: G.Davis. Referee: Ellis Davies (Liverpool Society)

Kev Weaver: Rory Biggins scores the first...A shell shocked Bideford left Clevedon wondering how they managed to lose and not score a try in the process.

The "60 Years at The Vale" celebrations were a boost for Clevedon who had a larger and more vociferous crowd than usual to support them. A bonus point win was the fourth game in a row that had gained some points, which bodes well for the rest of the season.

Next week, Clevedon are away to promoted Kingsbridge with the coach leaving at 11:00 sharp. Only five pounds for supporters. The seconds have a home game against Castle Cary for a 15:00 kick off.

Lookalike Competition

24th September 2016

Weave and MikeThis week the Clevedon clubhouse was celebrating "60 Years at The Vale" and had a lookalike competition to add to the fun. The competition was won by these two gentlemen. They didn't take to kindly to being compared with a disgraced former Aussie and for the record, stated that their wobble-boards were still in pristine condition, thank you very much!

Other lookalikes that entered were an Uncle Fester (Pottsy), several Weebles (Col, Higgy, Jimmy, and Papa), one Santa Claus (Fordie) and a boyband wannabe (Crunch).

Weave and Mike

Read more here.

The Shining Wit's Forum - Week 4

Chairman's Chirps

23rd September 2017

"Lovechild's repartee and wit"

Unfortunately, another loss on the road, which again, can be put down to poor tackling. The forwards dominated possession, the scrum on top all afternoon, but the lineout was not as clinical as it has been. Probably the less said the better.

President Thomas could not be consoled...Mike T. provided the transport for a few of us down to Bridgwater and all were in high spirits on the way there. Cannot say the same for the trip back. We did not stay for a beer, El Presidente could not be consoled and not much conversation ensued. He did cheer up a bit though after a Butcombe or two back in the Clubhouse.

An appetizing buffet was provided by our hosts, which the tall bloke with glasses and the ears made the most of. His name has slipped my mond. but he did pay several visits to the buffet table.

During the feasting, we were entertained by the "lovechild's" repartee and wit. Undoubtedly, the highlight of the day.

Onlooker's View

28th September 2017

"Who is the Lovechild"

It has become apparent that The Chirpy Chairman and the Onlooker travelled in the same car. Thay have obviously colluded about what to write and as the Onlooker report was last to desk, I'll leave his report verbatim.

Well another defeat on the road. The trip back from Bridgwater in the car was subdued. The chairman asked the president to stop sulking. It was different going down the M5 as the car load were happy with Chalky coming in with his cricket comments, although it is out of season.

Pottsy was pleased that we were being fed and went back for second helpings, but so did I.

We were entertained by our old friend Mike Berry and had a chat about the past. We came to the conclusion that things ain't what they used to be.

Anyway, back at the Vale we all drowned our sorrows and Chalky bought us a round. Well done Chalky.

From this series of stories and for you ameteur sleuths out there, you should be able to determine who the "Lovechild" is, who the "tall bloke with glasses and the ears" is and who the Onlooker is. From that you should also be able to deduce who the driver was, who the chairman is and how many people were in the car and who doesn't buy around very often.

Answers on a postcard please, addressed to the clubhouse.

The Cheesies

23rd September 2017

"The Reaper Cometh"

A very hot chilli...An unexpected appearance on Saturdays cheese board was made by the Carolina Reaper chilli. Until very recently, this fiery little devil was rated the worlds hottest chilli.

Needless to say, there were no Cheese Club members willing to munch into its furnace like, seed filled flesh. However, the young Mr Sulley did put a whole one into his home made chilli con carne, which the ever adventurous Trev Alder sampled. He was later heard to comment "That were a right hot ring stinger that were, me babber", eyes looking rather bloodshot!!!

Port sampling will be commence on 14th October with Martyn on bar steward supplying a list of potential juicy bottles to consider.

That's all from sunny Dorset for now. Got to get back to my blue veiner, sorry, meant blue vinney.

More Smeggie news next week.

Clevedon 53 Bideford 31

16th September 2017

"Big win at The Vale "

Team: T.Thie, J.Tucker, B.Williams, C.Maslen, M.Fisher, A.Cole, J.Williams, B.Largenton, M.Honour(c), B.Bosley, W.Trollope, O.Jones, H.Russell, H.Foley, A.Davis.
Replacements: J.Crewe, W.Taylor, M.Winter. Coaches: N.Hill/C.Heal Flag: N.Tucker

Ben Williams seals victory...

What a time to get dragged away to Dorset to celebrate your wife's birthday - a game not to be missed, but I missed it.

As the text commentary from photographer Pete kept pinging through to me on the Lyme Regis beach, I was getting more and more frustrated that I wasn't there. It was made worse by the mobile signal dropping out completely with score at 36-31 and it wasn't until I returned to civilisation (the campsite) that I eventually found out the final stupendous scoreline. Grrrrr!

This result will perk everyone up a bit and with a local derby against old rivals Bridgwater away next week, it will do wonders for the confidence, both on and off the field.


19th September 2017

Six Nations 2018 - SOLD OUTDue to unprecedented demand, the Club's allocation of Six Nations tickets has been SOLD OUT.

Many thanks, Jim McVeigh

This week in 2016

17th September 2016

Thornbury 15 Clevedon 9

Team: H.Butland, T.Thie, A.Rice, D.Ashfield, M.Taylor, K.Hill, M.Lowis, B.Largenton, J.Ford, B.Bosley, W.Trollope, L.Appleby, H.Foley, H.Russell, O.Biggin(c). Replacements: T.Statton, J.Lugtig, R.Biggins. Coaches: N.Hill/C.HealFlag: N.Tucker. Physio: G.Davis. Referee: Craig Pocock (Bristol Society)

Kev Weaver: The bonus point penalty...Two 9-15 scorelines in three weeks have netted Clevedon two losing bonus points, which in seasons gone by would've been cherished.

Both these games have a lot in common besides the scoreline. They were both away and tryless with Clevedon dominating large periods of each game. They came up against resolute and robust defences. Finished both games strongly, each time going for the winning try and within the five metre zone when the whistle blew. Oh!... and Tucks was on the flag!

The home game last week against Teignmouth showed how clinical Clevedon can be and this is something that coach Hill will be looking at during training this week to ensure a home victory against Bideford.

Read more here.

The Shining Wit's Forum Week 3

Chairman's Chirps

16th September 2017

"Trevor looks nice"

Apparently, Mr Potts is getting too much attention and a request has been put forward to leave him alone for a while. So, no remarks about this senior citize - for now anyway.

What a game it was on Saturday. First win of the season and well deserved too. May it be the first of many.

Bideford came to the Vale undefeated and probably expected an easier encounter than what ensued. Superb attacking rugby from both sides providing excellent entertainment for us spectators. Still a few missed tackles, but a great improvement. Lots of smiling faces in the Clevedon camp after that performance. Roll on next week at Bridgwater.

Well done to the No Necks that were in attendance this week, but a few were AWOL for this one. Most noticeable was "the one who has a neck, but disguises the fact with his flowing locks". The volume of encouragement for the lads from the touchline was not at its usual level. Let's hope for a better turnout for our visit to Bridgy.

Cobweb Corner were up to their usual boisterous antics. But what happens at the Vale stays at the Vale. After his afternoon nap, Mr T let his hair down as "Babe Ruth" was not in attendance.

Blazered Trev AlderOne of the Big Cheesies must also get a mention, Trev Alder sporting his Clevedon blazer. First outing for Trev's colours for quite a while. Did the sight of Trev adorned in his best bib and tucker encourage the 1st XV to put in that sterling performance. Essential for Trev to air it again next Saturday at Bridgwater.

It is also rumoured, though not substantiated, that a large balding man with glasses and cauliflower ears bought two, yes two, rounds of drinks on Saturday. Can anyone vouch for this fact? Is there any photographic evidence as none of our usual photographers were present.

Clevedon's Alex GiltrowBristol eventually put in an 80 minute performance on Sunday resulting in a big win against Richmond, with one of our own Alex Giltrow making his 1st team debut. Well done Gilly.

A respectable weekend all round!

More Chippy Chirping Chairman news next week.

The Cheesies

16th September 2017

"Slimy foily triangles"

The much maligned cheesy triangleThe previously reported rumour of a Cheese Club member being fond of those slimy, foil wrapped cheese triangles, appears to be just the corner of a giant cheese wedge. There seems to be an epidemic of members 'coming out' and declaring their fondness for this illicit product.

In response, the inner sanctum are contemplating harsh action against this rebellious mob, with the use of a large portion of Stinking Bishop or even an extra large Blue Veiner being considered as correctional action to restore the status quo.

On another note, we shall shortly be entering the Port sampling season. An extended tasting period is planned for this year in an attempt to keep the consumption down to just 2 bottles in a tasting session, rather than the usual 3 or 4. This should afford Cheese Club members a better chance of remembering what the hell they drank the night before and awarding a suitable score to each sampled bottle. Their impeccable taste marks will of course be made available to the general Club membership in time for Christmas purchase.Anyway, away to sunny Bridgewater this weekend, let's hope the boys produce something special. A piece of Gruyere would be nice, pan fried in eggy bread with a maple syrup and pancetta filling!!! Sounds LOVELY.

More Smeggie news next week.

Onlooker's View

16th September 2017

"Rope tangler hunted"

Many a pint was downed after this first win.

The foghorn voice of Cruncher Crane was missing to the glee of the spectators. Also missing was the flashing of Kev Weaver's camera. Novice Peter Bath took over the flashing duties and his results can be found here - judge for yourself.

Peter Hand won the bottle of port, but did not follow standard procedure and share it with Cobweb corner at half time, so he'll ostracised for the rest of the season.

Chairman, Jim Mcveigh left the celebrating throng in a rather distrssed state having to go to a party and unable to have a drink - bad arranging Jim.

We would like to know who the person was that tried to wind in the rope and cocked it up, leaving Colin Davies and Mike Thomas to unravel it with the aid of Geoff Warren the famous Television Match Official. If you could rewind the tape to find out who the rope tangler was Geoff, there's a pint in it for you.

More ramblings next week.

Teignnmouth 55 Clevedon 24

9th September 2017

"A difficult afternoon in Devon"

Team: J.Tucker, M.Fisher, B.Williams, C.Maslen, T.Thie, A.Cole, R.Talbot, B.Largenton, M.Honour(c), B.Bosley, W.Trollope, O.Jones, J.Crewe, W.Taylor, H.Foley.
Replacements: G.Carpenter, D.Burns, J.Crichton. Coaches: N.Hill/C.Heal Flag: N.Tucker Ref: Stuart Read

Kev Weaver: Harley Farley on the charge...

Next week Clevedon firsts are at home to Bideford for a 15:00 kick off, preceded by a lunch at 14:00 The seconds have a free weekend.

This week in 2016

10th September 2016

Clevedon 38 Teignmouth 3

"A superb try fest"

Team: H.Butland, T.Thie, A.Rice, D.Ashfield, M.Taylor, K.Hill, M.Lowis, B.Largenton, J.Ford, B.Bosley, T.Statton, W.Trollope, L.Appleby, H.Foley, H.Russell(c). Replacements: C.Maslen, M.Honor, R.Biggins. Coach: N.Hill. Flag: J.Durant. Physio: G.Davis.

Kev Weaver: Blaise Bosley blazes his way through...After last season's defeat of Clevedon at The Vale, Teignmouth seemed to be in confident mood as they ran out thinking they would again cause an upset, especially after Clevedon's narrow defeat last week.

Read more here.

The Shining Wit's Forum

Chairman's Chirps

9th September 2017

"Sleepy Heads"

We travelled down to Teignmouth with a youthful looking side but with some optimism of getting something from this fixture. An early start at 1100 which proved to be prudent with the amount of traffic heading south on the M5. The weather was changeable to say the least. Hopefully, so would our fortunes.

Photographer Weave snoozin'

A couple of the travelling support could not contain their excitement of the trip south though.

The pre-match meal was a flavoursome chicken curry provided by our hosts. Unfortunately, even with the offer of free beer, Pottsy could not be convinced to eat any of "that foreign muck" and he settled for a sizable portion of chips. A few dits were swapped with Teignmouth members and so on to the match.

On taking to the field, the Clevedon side looked young and slighter in stature compared to the home side but held their own in the set piece. The scrum went well and we managed to pinch a fair amount of opposition ball at the lineout. Regrettably, our tackling let us down again and the final score of 55 - 24 did not do us justice, but on the plus side, we came away with 4 try bonus point. An improvement on last week, so onwards and upwards.

Photographer Pottsy snoozin'

The boys were in buoyant mood on the trip back, with an impromptu cheese and wine function at the back of the bus, accompanied by a fair amount of crooning from the rear. On return to the Clevedon clubhouse, the Seasiders teams consoled each other as both they both came off second best but nevertheless, an enjoyable evening ensued. Later on in the proceedings we were entertained royally by the forwards Strictly Dance Team.

Keep it up guys and with a smidgeon of luck we may get our first win next week.

To end on a high note the girls under 15s had a good win against our local rivals Nailsea. Good effort girls. Long may it continue.

More Chirping Chairman news next week.

The Cheesies

9th September 2017

"Alternative Dieting"

Members enjoyed a quiet start to the new season, with just some of the usual old staples of VINTAGE Cheddar and MATURE Stilton on the board.

These cheesy adjectives aptly describing the average age of most curdled whey club members. However, a new version of a Welsh Rarebit was unveiled on Saturday as Dennet finally decided to get a round in (at the bar, not of cheese!!) though no video or photographic evidence has been forthcoming of that major event!!

On Sunday, the members went all continental and for the first time sampled a Swiss concoction called Vacherin Fribourgeois. This was moderately popular with the members, more than one of whom likened it to "tasting like Dairylea cheese triangles" - No accounting for taste eh?

This leads us on to the whispers from an unnamed source who has revealed that a current Cheese Club member has been dabbling with those foil wrapped, slimy triangular things!! This same source has indicated an internal disciplinary may be on the cards. More may become apparent later in the month.

New members of the cheese club are always welcome, however, there are some quite stringent membership criteria to meet in order to be accepted into the masonic like inner circle.

  1. 1. Must have a cholesterol reading on entry above 5
  2. 2. Statins are a compulsory requirement
  3. 3. All potential members must be able to consume a minimum of half kilogramme of creamy Stilton, half a large pork pie and wash it down with 2 large glasses of Port all in under 20 minutes

PLEASE NOTE: Alternatively Stilton may be substituted with Roquefort (if you're brave enough)

Should Fordy wish to become a member all the above criteria are doubled in quantity, unless of course he is on his now famed diet?

We shall soon be moving into Port tasting season, but more Smeggie news soon on that next time.

Onlooker's View

9th September 2017

"Pottsy picked on again"

Well, the trip to Devon did not go well. It was an education going down on the bus to see Pottsy sleeping, what a sight for sore eyes.

When we stopped at Exeter Services we waited to see what he would buy to eat as he is renowned for his eating habits. He did not disappoint with a several "go Large" items in his carrier bag.

On arrival at Teignmouth, we were told that there was food for us. Pottsy's face lit up, but when he found out that it was curry he said "I don't like that", so that was a first.

The game was disappointing for the few supporters that turned up, but we made the most of it and Cruncher said if it rained we were welcome to sit in his camper van. What a nice man.

The day was over and we drank and relaxed in the club with Pottsy buying his round.

Well done the four of us who turned up on the coach and well done to those that travelled independently to watch their team.


Clevedon 17 Okehampton 34

2nd September 2017

"Coming of age"

Team: J.Tucker, M.Winter, B.Williams, C.Maslen,T.Thie, A.Cole, J.Williams, B.Largenton, M.Honour9c), B.Bosley, W.Trollope, O.Jones, J.Ford, H.Foley, H.Russell.
Replacements: A.Jones, J.Crewe, M.Fisher. Coaches: N.Hill/C.Heal Physio: G.Davis Flag: N.Tucker Ref: Craig Pocock

Kev Weaver: debutant Adam Cole scores his try...

"Adam Cole scores"

Putting these pages together involves a bit of cutting and pasting and then making minor adjustments to achieve the end result.

The usual things like date, opponent and scoreline are simples. The team usually need one or two changes and they would be copied from a stock list of players - easy.

However, this season wholesale changes to the list were needed. Two players from last season went on to higher things - Harry Butland went to Clifton and Kieran Hill went to Taunton. One player went back to his old club up the valley and five retired.

On the plus side though there are three new, very young players were added and the resulting team on Saturday was good old blend of youth and experience, from Captain and hooker Matt Honour (39) to fly half Adam Cole (17).

The whole team played and compteted well, but will need a little time together to get know each others foibles and habits before heading up the league again.

An interesting few weeks lie ahead for the watching supporters, that's for sure.

Next week Clevedon firsts are away to Teignmouth for a 15:00 kick off. The coach leaves at 11:00. The seconds are at home to Crewkerne for a 15:00 kick off.

This week in 2016

3rd September 2016

Okehampton 15 Clevedon 9

Team: H.Butland, B.Williams, A.Rice, D.Ashfield, M.Taylor, K.Hill, M.Lowis, B.Largenton, J.Ford, B.Bosley, W.Trollope, L.Appleby, H.Russell, O.Biggins(c), C.Maslen. Replacements: J.Puddy, W.Taylor, N.George. Coaches: N.Hill/C.HealFlag: N.Tucker. Physio: G.Davis.

Kev Weaver: Basher brought down to earth...A losing bonus point on the road was scant consolation for a game that Clevedon had a decent chance of winning. With all the possession they had and six nil up after 20 minutes Clevedon were in the driving seat. However, a penalty from half way, into the wind, from Okehampton soon afterwards kept them in touch with Clevedon. A half time score of 6-9 playing with the elements told the tale for Clevedon - not enough points on the board to defend with.

Read more here.

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Onlooker's View

2nd September 2017

"A fine hairy leg"

Well here we are again.

Another season begins and the members of Cobweb Corner are still alive and kicking. It's a bit debateable with Pottsy though, because he looks like death warmed up at the best of times and even manages to make his Uncle Fester look handsome. He's still here to tell the tale and probably the ones he told last year.

The blazer boys are back in town, with chairman Jim leading the way in his trendy baggy shorts and showing a fine hairy leg.

Watching the first game of the season was frustrating at times and the old tickers were being stressed to the limit.

Uncle Colin, having won the bottle of port passed it around, but did not offer any to an aging welshman. He has vowed to sort it out in the playground next week.

This week we are off to the seaside on the bus for a nice trip to Teignmouth. We're hoping watch to the game, but it depends on the pre-match activities.

More gossipy news next week.

The Cheesies

2nd September 2017

"Fancy high cholestrol?"

A quick update on recent events from the Cheese Club. Behind the scenes, they have been quietly munching their way through a variety of high fat delicacies during the off season.

This was to ensure they are fully prepared and that cholesterol levels are at a peak for what promises to be a challenging season both on the field and on the cheeseboard.

During the off season and in an effort to get fit for the challenges of season ahead, these stalwarts of the club put life and limb on the line to take on some of the finest "skittlers" in town in the Clevedon RFC Summer Skittles League. Under the guise of "The Cheeselets" they ventured onto the hallowed boards of the clubs skittle alley to face all comers.

Expectations were high for an opening game win. However, crushing defeats in the first two games soon had their morale at a low ebb.

This was not helped by opposition skittlers referring to them as "The Quavers!!"

How anybody could mistake these fine gentlemen for them cheesy puffs just beggars belief!!!

This name calling and barracking seemed to be widespread among the teams, but under the dynamic and inspirational leadership of their Captain, Martin 'Smoggie' Boldison, the team rose Phoenix like from the ashes of defeat to push up the table and press hard for the title. Eventually though only achieving a mid-table finish in this their first season.

The team are determined to return next year and the opposition should BE AFRAID!!

More Smeggie news soon.

Chairman's Chirps

2nd September 2017

"First win for Ladies"

Ladies postmatch awards

A promising start from a very young inexperienced Clevedon 1st XV. We were in with a shout for most the game but faded in the last quarter. Encouraging to watch non-the less. Rumour has it that the old stager 'Stoner' is going to start training in earnest and try to break his way into the 1st team. Roll on next week for the visit to Teignmouth. Hopefully, good weather, so Hilly can leave his wellies in the under stairs cupboard. Make sure you don't miss the bus at 1100.

Unfortunately, the 2nd XV could not field a front row last week. Less said the better. Hopefully with a home fixture against Crewkerne and the end of the holiday period we should be able to field a strong team.

The 3rds first fixture is the end of the month, bar takings will improve no doubt.

On the subject of bar profits, the newly formed Ladies XVs joined the Big Cheeses on Sunday in the bar after their first games. They took part in the Festival in Yeovil and came away with a loss and a win in their 2 games. Traditions were upheld with Lady of the Match and the inaugural first try for the team toasting each other. Well done Ladies.

All being well, we will have a good turnout by all teams this week for training.

Remember the old motto of "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail".

Six Nations Tickets

2nd September 2017

"Apply NOW!!!"

Six Nations 2018Fully paid up club members can now apply for tickets for the 2018 Six Nations.

Click or tap the poster to download the form.

Many thanks, Jim McVeigh

The Season Begins

2nd September 2017

"Why not visit The Vale?"

The League season begin today against Okehampton with a 15:00 kick off. The luncheon begins at 14:00 for the Vice President's and their guests.

Time to get forget the glorious summer.

Captain Matt Honour

2nd September 2017

"Matt honoured to become captain"

Captain Matt Honour

Veteran Matt Honour is Clevedon's 1st XV Captain for the coming season. He brings a huge amount of experience to a Clevedon team that are mostly half his age. After nearly retiring a couple of season's ago, he found a new lease of life to continue playing. Maybe it was the invitation to join The No Necks that persuaded him to continue, after all they are a motley bunch of striped jacketed bores.

Good decision Matt!

Annual General Meeting

17th July 2017, 19:30

"Members, please attend this!"

Annual General MeetingPlease note that the Annual General Meeting of Clevedon RFC will take place at the clubhouse on Monday, 17th July 2017 at 20:00.

All paid up members are welcome. Please find the agenda within the document section under the information tab on the home page in general documents.

You'll have to log in as a member to see it.

Many thanks, Neil Tucker
Hon. Secretary

Training begins

6th July 2017

"Come on down"

Training began on Tuesday, 4th July at 19:00 and continues tonight and every Tuesday and Thursday from now on.

Get yourself down there and get super fit before the first game. New players are always welcome and should contain Nick Hill when arriving. See you there!

Summer Opening

11th May 2017

"Open all hours"

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 7.00pm - 10.30pm
  • Wednesday: 7.00pm - 10.30pm
  • Thursday: 7.00pm - 10.30pm
  • Friday: 7.00pm - 10.30pm
  • Saturday: 5.00pm - 10.30pm
  • Sunday: 4.00pm - 8.00pm

Please Note: These hours may vary if and when functions take place.

The website archives are currently being researched and assembled. They will be available soonish.