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News this week

1st December 2018

"Clevedon's Trolly Dolly Celebrations"

Crunch: Trolley celebrates in style...

The Sponsors, Life Members and Vice Presidents attended a roast dinner luncheon that served them well once they set outside to watch the match against Chosen Hill. It didn't start too well as the Former Pupils made the most of some red zone penalties by Clevedon and went 7 nil up before the meal had settled.

After a few minutes, Clevedon began their own scoring and finished as worthy winners in the fading light. Young referee and diplomat Mike Gray did well to contain two teams who were knocking lumps out of each other from start to finish. He had the respect of the players and will no doubt do well in the future. Good luck to him.

A minutes silence was held for dear old Bob Downey before the start of this match and he would've been chuffed to bits with the result and probably started on the "Years Ago" stories in the bar afterwards.

Had he been in the bar he would have heard a short heartfelt tribute to him from Tom Thie that preceded the usual MOTM award drinks. Bob would've enjoyed that as well.

In fact, Bob enjoyed everything about the club that he joined as boy many years ago.

BTW, Trolly's over the top, end of match celebrations deserved an award of some kind and will probably result in a liquid fine of some sort next week down at Wells.

Clevedon 44 Chosen Hill F.P. 14

1st December 2018

"Victory at the Vale !!"

Team:Jordan Mein, Matt Fisher, Fakoya Tyrell, Adam Coles, Jonny Hicks, Tom Thie, Rhys Talbot, Brian Largenton, Matt Honour, Blaise Bosley, Rob Holbrook, William Trollope, Harvey Russell, Toby Ford, Charlie Tucker. Replacements: Ryan Hervey, Jack Crew, Lewis O'Brien. Coaches: Nick Hill. Flag: A.N.Other.

Crunch: Big Rob Holbrook powers through...

The tagline this week from Tucks was a straightforward statement of fact. No puns, no corny phrases, just four words that showed what the result meant to him and to the rest of us.

Read the report here.

Next week, Clevedon are away to Wells for a 14:15 kick off.

Chairman's Chirps

1st December 2018

"Still beaming..."

Lots to be chirpy about this week.

What a difference a win makes. Not the finest of days weather wise for our Sponsors, Life Members and VP's Day, but dull conditions were well compensated by a fine pre-match lunch followed by a a high-quality performance on the field.

Not an auspicious start with Chosen Hill getting an early converted try. No panic shown by Clevedon who eventually got the scoreboard ticking over once we got some possession.,/p>

A well-earned penalty followed with a converted try and with a dominant pack putting Chosen Hill under pressure, we did not look back after that.

Built a lead of 27-7 by the break and continued, finishing with a bonus point victory of 44-14.

Good performances all round with a good kicking game both out of hand and off the tee, which combined with some fine handling in the conditions, proved too much for our opponents on the day.

Credit must also go the Chosen Hill as they battled valiantly for the 80 minutes and were rewarded with a 7 pointer towards the end.

A well-attended game and good to see plenty of smiling faces in the clubhouse enjoying a libation or two after the game.

We were joined not long after by the delighted 2's who got a hard-fought victory over our neighbours and local rivals Nailsea and Backwell.

Still beaming...

That puts Clevedon top of Somerset 3 North. Well done guys. I think I may even have seen Nick Wilson with a bit of a cheeser on!

Briz beating Leicester really made the day for me although John McGuigan may beg to differ.

Next week Wells and hopefully another 5 points.

"BZ everyone, still beaming even after a couple of days."

Yours Aye, Jim

News this week

24th November 2018

"Not so good"

Weave: A determined Ollie Jones charges on...

From the photos it looks like a few changes were needed this week for the trip to old foes Chipping Sodbury.

The report from Tucks doesn't make pretty reading as Clevedon were undone by some misfortune and a series of unforced errors.

Perhaps, with the Autumn internationals out of the way, the support will increase and shout Clevedon to victory against Chosen Hill this weekend.

Chipping Sodbury 43 Clevedon 10

24th November 2018
By Neil Tucker

"A very tough afternoon"

Team: Dave Burns, Matt Fisher, Adam Coles, Fakoya Tyrell, Ryan Hervey, Tom Thie, Rhys Talbot, Brian Largenton, Jack Crew, Blaise Bosley, Ben Chase, William Trollope, Harvey Russell, Toby Ford, Charlie Tucker. Replacements: Ollie Jones, . Coaches: Nick Hill. Flag: Neil Tucker.

Weave: Fleet of foot, Tom Thie...

On a grey and cold November day, Clevedon started well, building phases and asking questions of the big Sodbury side and were rewarded with a penalty opportunity converted by Adam Coles to lead 3 nil.

Read the report here.

Next week, Clevedon are at home to Chosen Hill for 14:30 kick off.

Sponsors, Life Members and Vice Presidents' Lunch

1st December 2018, 12:30

This will be a step up from the usual luncheons and is well worth the visit if you're one of the above. Come on down and enjoy the chit-chat with the Clevedon Blazer Brigade and discover how boring they can be!

See you there.

Chairman's Chirps

27th November 2018

"Not a lot to be Chirpy about"

Not a lot to be Chirpy about...

Not a lot to be Chirpy about this week after our visit to Chipping Sodbury.

To use the much-used old cliché "A game of 2 halves" would not be out of place. After speaking to our opponents' other old farts before the game, it looked set up to be a contest of differing strengths between the teams. They praised their backline, but hopefully our forwards would starve them of enough good ball to render them ineffective.

And that was basically how the first half panned out. Our pack dominant with their big backs looking dangerous if allowed to get good quick ball.,/p>

All pretty even after the first forty, ending the half 12-10 down. It looked set up to be an interesting second half and the thoughts were that if we could get an early score, we would be in with a good shout.

Alas, this was not too be. Our efforts in the earlier chapters seemed to take their toll and with having to shuffle the pack due to injuries, the Chipping Sodbury backs began to look more and more ominous. Which proved to be the case as they ran out 43-10 winners.

To use yet another cliché of "The bounce of the ball" also came into play in a couple of instances, but no excuses, we lost to the better side on the day.

Our President must have had a premonition and decided to stay at home and watch England triumph over the Aussies. Mr T does not miss many Clevedon games, so hope all is well and he is back in harness and in attendance for our Sponsors, Life Members and Vice Presidents' Lunch next Saturday when Chosen Hill FP visit us at the Vale.

Heads up though lads and train well this week. Looking forward to a good day out and a W next Saturday.

On a higher note, the Ladies faired better in a good entertaining home win against Aretians. Some good skills shown by both sides. The more they play, the better they get. Keep it up Ladies.

"If you want to find the real competition, just look in the mirror. After a while you'll see your rivals scrambling for second place."

Yours Aye, Jim

News this week

17th November 2018

"Chewed up by Chew"

Weave: Largenton on the move...

A classic tagline from Tucks sums up the game in four words. It evokes all sorts of images and thoughts for those not present on the day.

Those that were there though wouldn't disagree with it, that's for certain. They would probably have some pithier taglines of there own, not suitable for publication without heavy use of the redaction pen.

Next week, Clevedon are away to Chipping Sodbury, currently sixth in the table. With only three losses so far this season, this is a tough game for Clevedon.

Clevedon will hopefully make sure they can make that four losses for a team that Clevedon last played before the leagues were created. A very long, long time ago!

Clevedon 15 Chew Valley 26

17th November 2018

"Clevedon Masticated"

Team: Dave Burns, Matt Fisher, Adam Coles, Ashley Vailes, Ryan Hervey, Tom Thie, Rhys Talbot, Brian Largenton, Matt Honour, Blaise Bosley, Ben Chase, William Trollope, Luke O'Brien, Toby Ford, Charlie Tucker. Replacements: Ollie Jones, Harvey Russell, Fakoya Tyrell. Coaches: Nick Hill. Flag: Neil Tucker.

Weave: Toby Ford scores again...

...The game was still anyones at this point and Clevedon once again tested the Chew defence, which held firm and it was them who scored again to settle the argument, leaving the seasiders empty handed.

Head coach Nick Hill commented "It was disappointing. You can't give a side like Chew valley a 14 point head start. I cannot knock the effort the lads showed, but we allowed them too much space at times and they punished us for it. We will keep working hard though."

Read the report here.

Next week, Clevedon are away to Chipping Sodbury for 14:30 kick off.

News this week

3rd November 2018

"A most enjoyable day"

For those that watched this game, it was a complete turnaround from last week's performance as Clevedon ran out emphatic winners.

For those of us that did not watch, sitting at home with the grandkids, it was a nervy wait for the result. With last week's game still in the mind despite this away win, we've got another couple of week's to wait for the next home game to absolve ourselves of the guilt of not travelling away to Cheltenham.

Watching the England match with the littl'uns running about was no easy task either!

The next England match will be live in the clubhouse next week. Be sure to get their early for a seat and a lovely pint of Doom.

Cheltenham 20 Clevedon 43

3rd November 2018

"Clevedon Bounce Back"

Team: Jordan Mein, Ali Balcombe, Adam Coles, Ashley Vailes, Ryan Hervey, Tom Thie, Rhys Talbot, Brian Largenton, Matt Honour(c), Blaise Bosley, Ben Chase, Ollie Jones, Luke O'Brien, Toby Ford, Charlie Tucker. Replacements: Jack Fowler, Dave Burns, Jack Crew. Acting Coaches: Neil Tucker/John Vickers. Flag: Neil Tucker.

Weave: MOTM Chas Tucker scoring...

Read the report here.

Next week, Clevedon have a wee cough to watch the England game in the clubhouse.

Chairman's Chirps 7

3rd November 2018

"Compelling running rugby"

For whatever reason, Chirp 6 did not get to press on time last week.

Ed. Please see below!

Not sure if our webmaster pulled it as it was too damning in the description of the performance against Barton Hill or it arrived too late to be published. I choose to think it was the latter. But what a difference this week!

We all turned up on a bright, sunny morning for the bus trip up to Cheltenham.

Our driver was a chatty, engaging young lady who described in some detail to our President, some of the skills and expertise that were required to drive such a large vehicle. After about half an hour into the trip, I was beginning to think that P plates would not be amiss, stuck onto the coach. Anyhow, we arrived safe and well at Cheltenham Tigers ground to forthright celebration from our driver after she had got us all to the right place without any incident. However, confidence was not instilled when and I quote "Not looking forward to the drive back on the motorway in the dark".

Tucks was on his own this week with Chris Heal having recently got wed and Nick Hill having his annual romantic weekend away in Cornwall. Nevertheless, John Vickers turned up to ably assist Tucks with the preparations and coaching duties. It was good to see John and with any luck he will come back to join us when his studies are concluded.

After pleasantries were exchanged and our hosts providing us to Pottsy's favourite meal of sausage and chips, the travelling support were treated to an excellent display of compelling running rugby. They ran in 7 tries on a 4G pitch that suited our style of play today.

We looked as if we were the home side, playing the pitch and windy conditions expertly to engineer a 20 - 43 victory.

Keeping the ball in hand in the first half against a strong wind, Cheltenham battered away with their big pack, but were held at bay with some fierce, aggressive tackling from both backs and forwards. The young back row of Lewis O'Brien, Toby Ford and MOTM Chas Tucker excelling, cutting out any danger when the Tigers threatened.

The ball was fed out to our backline, who continually threatened the Cheltenham line with some dazzling lines taken at pace and polished handling, resulting in some excellent tries.

The second half tactics changed when playing with the wind and some deft kicking kept Cheltenham pushed back in their own half. When they did break out, quite deservedly, they had a purple patch in the latter half.

The Cheltenham contingent were very gracious in defeat and complimentary to the players and support from Clevedon. Hopefully, they will string a few results together and survive in this competitive league.

All in all, I would say this was the best performance of the season so far. A good mix of a lot of youth, guided by some old heads, produced an accomplished performance, resulting in a well needed and deserved away win.

The next league game is on the 17th November, when we are at the Vale with Chew Valley the opposition.

On a closing note, apparently, there was some incident with the coach travel back. However, cannot comment as myself and Mr T opted to take a lift back to Clevedon with Kev Weaver as we are both frightened of the dark.

Yours Aye, Jim

Onlooker's Report

3rd November 2018

"The General and The Guide"

On a dry, windy day on a superb playing surface Clevedon's young braves showed what they were capable of.

Cheltenham took an early lead with a penalty.

Weave: Tom Thie - The General...

Clevedon playing into the wind soon got into action when fullback Jordan Mein had a great touch line run to score under the posts, which he converted.

Cheltenham's big pack hit back with a forward drive that resulted in a try.

Clevedon keeping the ball in hand, because of the wind, ran the ball on every occasion and the young backs guided by vets Tom Thie and Ashley Vailes ran riot.

Clevedon regained the lead with a lineout move, resulting in Toby Ford sprinting 50 metres for a try.

Weave: Ashley Vailes - The Guide...

Clevedon were now in the driving seat with Rhys Talbot releasing quick ball for Ali Balcombe to score a try after slick handling. Jordan Mein scored a second try, which he in turn converted.

Before the break Cheltenham scored a second try through their pack. This was converted.

The second half saw the hosts dominate the early stages, but it was not long before Clevedon clicked into gear. Tom Thie, the marshal behind the scrum, went over for a try. Jordan Mein converted.

Clevedon's forwards, with the wind at their backs, started to take control with Lewis O'brien and Charlie Tucker prominent.

Good close work saw Ashley Vailes cross the line and Clevedon's final and 7th try come from Charlie Tucker, which was converted.

On the final whistle Cheltenham scored a consolation try for a 20-43 loss.

A successful and enjoyable day with acting coach Neil Tucker well pleased with his team's efforts.

News this week

27th October 2018

"A most inclement day"

Weave: Fully togged supporters...

It was atrocious, terrible, appalling and downright dreadful with some bright patches, but they were few and far between. The game however was scintillating and bewitching in equal measure, providing you closed your eyes and went behind the sofa.

The home support were togged up for the bad weather, but not the sort of stuff described in the first sentence. Towards the end of the match, the crowd had dwindled to all but a few hardy stalwarts. The rest were in the bar warming up.

At the start of the game and for 30 minutes thereafter, Clevedon were camped on Barton Hill's line unable to cross it through passages of play that are best described by the coaching stuff using their confusing coach-speak for ineptitude!!

Barton Hill broke out of defence and then battered the Clevedon line to eventually lead 3 nil at half time with a penalty.

The local support thought the second half would see Clevedon recover and eventually win. How wrong they were. Barton Hill score a try under the posts to lead 10 nil with half an hour left. Although Clevedon scored a converted try and then went down to 14 men, after the referee had exchanged a volley of colourful language with the player involved, that was it for the home side and with time running out they could not get the win.

Taking nothing away from Barton Hill, they played the conditions far better than Clevedon did with their forthright and robust play. Clevedon needed to match this, but couldn't and now need to regroup for the away game to Cheltenham next week.

Clevedon 7 Barton Hill 10

27th October 2018

"Bartnill leave Clevedon bereft"

27th December 2002

Team: Jordan Mein, Ali Balcombe, Adam Coles, Fakoya Tyrell, Ryan Hervey, Tom Thie, Ashley Vailes, Brian Largenton, Matt Honour(c), Blaise Bosley, Ben Chase, William Trollope, Luke O'Brien, Toby Ford, Charlie Tucker. Replacements: Ben Stone, Connor Browne, Joe Tucker. Coaches: Nick Hill/Chris Heal. Flag: Neil Tucker.

Weave: A word in your shell like Cap'n...

The huge and satisfying win over Stroud in the previous home game was soon forgotten after this display. Coaching staff, players and supporters were failing to understand how Clevedon's fortunes had changed in a fortnight.

The chatter in the bar was interesting to say the least and no one was any the wiser come closing time.

Maybe things will improve next week.

Read the report here.

Next week, Clevedon are away at Cheltenham for a 14:30 kickoff.The coach will leave at 11:30.

Chairman's Chirps

27th October 2018

"A view from the top"

27 December 2002

The afternoon got off to a really good start with a first-rate lunch of meat and 3 veg provided by our in-house chef Curly.

After my 3-week sojourn, I was looking forward to this game, but unfortunately what was served up at the Vale did not match the fare served up in the clubhouse. To say I was disappointed at the final whistle would be an understatement.

We started off pretty well, with plenty of possession and territory in the right area of the field for the first 20-25 minutes.

The set piece was going well and we looked set to have a good day at the office with Barton Hill hardly being in the game.

To be brutally honest, the game should have been done and dusted in the first half if it wasn't for the amount of errors and turnover ball we gave away in the opposition half. We just did not look after the ball and failed to convert possession and pressure into points.

When Barton Hill did eventually venture into our half they came away with 3 points. And with the weather and our play deteriorating, doubts were creeping in and the writing seemed to be on the wall.

The boys from Barton Hill were much the happier side at halftime going in 0-3 up.

Uncle Fester...

The second half was all change and the opposition were dominant and began to bully us in all phases of play ,but they too found it difficult to cross the whitewash. They did eventually get the try and converted to go ahead 0-10.

Some hope was on offer to the remainder of the supporters that had not retired to the warmth and dry of the clubhouse when we got a converted try to make the score look a tad more respectable and gain us a losing bonus point.

On the plus side though, the 2nds had a good win at Winscombe, wh brought some cheer when they returned from their travels and the Cheesies revelled in the entertainment provided apres match by all who attended the Halloween Party.

Best costume was won by our resident Viking who dressed as an amazing version of Uncle Fester.

So onwards and upwards, Cheltenham next week. Let's hope we are at the races for this one! (Sorry)

Yours Aye, Jim

News this week

20th October 2018

"Bragging rights for Avonmouth"

Avonmouth will retain the bragging rights until the return fixture in February next year when Clevedon will hope to reverse this losing result.

The usual travelling, buffet-consumimg posse were short handed this week with Chairman Jim in Oz, Pottsy under the weather and the "Cashless One" declining to travel - BTw, there was an entry fee!.

The webmaster was called upon to support The President and he looked utterly beguiling in his Clevedon jacket, the only one on show as it happens.

Hopefully, for the next away game at Cheltenham they will be fully staffed.

Avonmouth 17 Clevedon 13

20th October 2018

"Early Christmas Gifts"

20th December 2002

Team: Ali Balcombe, Matt Fisher, Ashley Vailes, Adam Coles, Fakoya Tyrell, Tom Thie, Rhys Talbot, Brian Largenton, Matt Honour(c), Blaise Bosley, Ben Chase, William Trollope, Luke O'Brien, Toby Ford, Charlie Tucker. Replacements: Ben Stone, Rob Holbrook, Connor Browne. Coaches: Nick Hill/Chris Heal. Flag: GRFU.

Weave: The pre-match cuddle...

A nice trip up the motorway on a lovely sunny day was as good as it got for Clevedon.

Despite have a number of chances, they could not cross the Avonmouth line through any sort of phase play. Their only try was from an interception by Adam Coles who scored all of Clevedon's points.

Clevedon gave Avonmouth a couple of early Christmas presents, one of them straight to their speed-merchant Billy Reynolds - a gift of 14 points no less.

With 5 minutes to go, Avonmouth kicked a penalty for a four point advantage and then ran down the clock for a useful home win.

Read the report here.

Next week, Clevedon are at home to Barton Hill for a 15:00 kickoff. Lunch will be served beforehand at 13:30.

Chairman's Travels

7th October 2018

"Chirpless ex-Parrot"

Chirpless Parrot...

Obviously not being in attendance I cannot comment on Saturday's result at Avonmouth, but was kept up to date with the outcome from El Presidente, Mike Thomas.

Sounds like it was a good, hard fought game and we were unlucky not to come away with the W.

I am aware though, that Mr T has been known to wear royal blue and old gold tinted glasses. I will look forward to seeing the match report in due course.

Will be back in time to see the visit of our Captain's old team, Barton Hill, to the Vale next week.

We expect a subdued celebration when you score that try next week Matt.

G'day, Jim

News this week

6th October 2018

"Three in a row!"

7th December 2002

Team: Mike Lowis, Chris Cates, Tom Thie, Tim Brooks, Chris Bushell, Tom O'Rourke, Steve Johnson, Nick Hill, James Gallagher, Tony Dauncey, John Pearce, Jeff Durant, Chris Page, Owen Biggins, Anthony Fox. Replacements: Ashley Vailes, Mike Sweet. Captain: Jeff Durant Coach: Brian HanlonFlag: Ashley Vailes.

Crunch: Owen Biggins try...

By my reckoning, Clevedon, captained by Jeff Durant, last played Stroud in SW2W during the 2002-2003 season when they did the double over them, 16 years ago.

Clevedon won their home match 15-12 in December 2002 and the away match 27-29 on the 29th March 2003, eventually finishing second and gaining promotion to SW1 after beating Swanage and Wareham.

Read the 2002 report!...
View the report image here.

There were two players who featured in that game who turned out this week, veterans Ashley Vailes and Tom Thie. Coach Hill also played in that match at loosehead, while Owen Biggins was watching, injured on the sidelines.

There is a little clip of O's try you can watch if you click/tap the image and select it from Onedrive. The quality ain't good as it was only a 2MP digital camera, which was the latest 2MP Olympus C2040Z at the time!

Clevedon 48 Stroud 12

6th October 2018

"Jeckyll and Hyde"

Team: Jordan Mein, Ryan Hervey, Fakoya Tyrell, Adam Coles, Matt Fisher, Tom Thie, Ashley Vailes, Brian Largenton, Matt Honour(c), Blaise Bosley, Ben Chase, William Trollope, Charlie Tucker, Toby Ford, Harvey Russell. Replacements: Ben Stone, Jack Fowler, Connor Browne. Coaches: Nick Hill/Chris Heal. Flag: Neil Tucker.

Weave: MOTM Tom Thie scores his try...

This week was certainly and eye opener after last weeks disappointing loss away.

Clevedon had the upper hand in all phases of play and the coaches were smiling and jubilant after the match!.

A home crowd and the comfort of your own changing room helps of course.

Weave: School reunion...

The visit of old boy John Edgar, seen here chatting to his old PE teacher Mike Thomas, obviously inspired the team who showed off their range of skills on a cold and blustery day.

Veteran MOTM Tom Thie provided two tries for his enjoyment and delectation and John went home late, drunk and happy!

Read the report here.

Clevedon 1st XV have next weekend off, while the 2xv are at home for 15:00 kick off.

Chairman's Travels

7th October 2018

G'day mate..

This week I'm on my travels again and going walkabout in Australia for a family visit.

Hopefully, I can keep you updated with some fine Aussie wit and repartee. Ripper!

G'day, Jim

Smelly Curd News

6th October 2018

Festering Cheese...

News from the festering cheese club will be forthcoming once I've got my aerobic activities completed and I've recovered.

Yours, Smoggydon

News this week

29th September 2018

"The Mein Man"

Crunch: Jordan Mein kicks the first of his 17 points...

Clevedon had enough chances to have got an away win at Old Richians, but found a way to squander all but one try scoring opportunity.

If it wasn't for the very reliable kicking of Jordan Mein who kept the scoreboard ticking over with 17 points, Clevedon would've headed home without a valuable bonus point.

There was a fair amount of travelling support and the warm sunshine promised them a nice entertaining and winning afternoon, but they were denied and went back down the motorway with their tails between their legs. Grrrrrr!!

Maybe they'll be happy next week with a home win against Stroud.

Crunch: Old Richians coach rants at the ref!...

One thing to note about this game and it was nothing to do with the playing of rugby, but more to do with a disgruntled home coach.

He went on to the field of play for some sort of discussion with the ref. What was said, nobody really knows, but it sure wasn't legal.

Old Richians 27 Clevedon 22

29th September 2018

"Kicks just not enough !!"

Team: Jordan Mein, Ryan Hervey, Fakoya Tyrell, Adam Coles, David Burns, Tom Thie, Rhys Talbot, Brian Largenton, Jack Crew, Blaise Bosley, Ollie Jones, Charlie Tucker, William Taylor, Toby Ford, Harvey Russell. Replacements: William Trollope, Jack Fowler, Ashley Vailes. Coaches: Nick Hill/Chris Heal. Flag: Neil Tucker.

Crunch: The main points man, Jordan Mein...

Read the report here.

Next Saturday, Clevedon are at home to Stroud for a 15:00 kick off and the usual pre-match lunch.

Smelly Curd News

3rd October 2018

Well, this rugby season's becoming something akin to a roller coaster ride with good results and performances one week, only to have things turned on their heads and disappointment the next. Not sure what our globe-trotting Chairman will be able to comment on though this week as he was off on one of his drinking expeditions in Gibraltar!! Fortunately he made it back in one piece on Sunday, though he did appear a tad jaded.

Things within the stinky cheesy club are much along the same lines as on the pitch at the moment, with absenteeism causing lack of supply of the more cultured offerings. Supply almost reached crisis point on Saturday, but we were saved from stinking fromage starvation by our eternally youthful and resourceful Club Secretary Neil Tucker along with young Charlie who kindly presented the Old Stinky Club with a portion of Smoked Pepper and Chilli Cheddar. Much appreciated Tucks.

Cheesy Tucks...

Has anyone else noted how he's now promoting his new modelling career by posing on the clubs beer mats?

It was good to have Trev "the wabbit" Alder back from his safari in Plymouth where his vintage Mercedes kept the AA on their toes last weekend. Another returning absentee was that of our inFLUential club member Mr. Sulley.

Next week, we look forward to the return of our Irish colleague Paddy "Live Wasps" John, who I'm sure will have many a tale to tell!!

More from the Grande Fromage soon.


Chairman's Travels

31st August 2018

Aye, Aye...

There was I, in Gib, meeting up with a few old chums and watching some Corps rugby when I spotted a couple of No Necks grooming themselves for a night out. Not a pretty sight.

They've got not shame these older, crusty types.

Natwest Six Nations

21st August 2018

Six Nations Tickets...

Paid up club members can now apply for the matches below. Tickets for all games except Italy are at present restricted and requests for more than 2 tickets may be reduced to 2 or to zero if the allocation is exhausted.

Tickets are for your use only and cannot be resold. Unwanted tickets can be returned and will be refunded.

  • England v France, Sunday 10 February, KO 15:00
  • England v Italy, Saturday 9 March, KO 16:45
  • England v Scotland, Saturday 16 March, KO 17:00

The application form can be obtained from the bar, alternatively you can obtain the form here.

Please note that the closing date is Thursday, 4 October 2018 and that the Junior tickets for the Italy game are £20.00.

Yours Aye, Jim

News this week

22nd September 2018

Weave: Harvey Russell MOTM...

A good win at home for Clevedon with a much changed side from the Midsomer debacle.

This week, due to the inclement weather the bar takings improved as the feint-hearted decided to squat in the bar and watch the Premiership game.

Those of us that watched the whole match were soaked, but happy with the result. A few winning beers later and everyone was optimistic for a decent season ahead.

Let's hope that will be the case.

Clevedon 50 Old Bristolians 5

22nd September 2018

"Wet, Wet, Wet"

Team: Jordan Mein, Ryan Hervey, Fakoya Tyrell, Adam Coles, Matt Fisher, Tom Thie, Rhys Talbot, Brian Largenton, Jack Crew, Blaise Bosley, Rob Holbrook, Charlie Tucker, Rory Biggins, Toby Ford, Harvey Russell. Replacements: Ben Stone, Jack Fowler, Joey Tucker. Coaches: Nick Hill/Chris Heal. Flag: Neil Tucker.

DCI Tom Barnaby has been pensioned off after last week's unsolved crime. Fortunately, the coaching detectives solved it by themselves. Good for them, but I bet their skills were honed by a few games of Cluedo during the week.

Weave: Jack Crew looking for support...

With Captain Honour out injured, young Jack Crew took over the hooking duties and with an all new second row pairing, Clevedon ran around and supported like mad things.

The support play from Clevedon was super, but the weather was atrocious, which led to a few handling mistakes by both sides. Clevedon however, made less of them and scored several good tries despite the conditions.

Read the report here.

Next Saturday, Clevedon are away to Old Richians. The coach leaves at 12:00 for a 15:00 kick off.

Blazers anyone?

31st August 2018

Club Blazer anyone?...Why not start the new season by ordering a club blazer?

You will be joining a select bunch of ne'er-do-wells that have worn them for last four seasons.

This is just a sighter to see how many people would be interested.

They are made to measure and a sizing document will be provided to interested parties.

They also do waistcoats if anyone would like one.

Current Poly/cotton striped blazer details are as follows:

  • 6 - 12 blazers £139.00 + vat each
  • 13 - 23 blazers £129.00 + vat each
  • 24 + blazers £119.00 + vat each
  • Waistcoats £69.00 + vat
  • Delivery 6 to 7 weeks

If you're interested, please email me at jimmcveigh@blueyonder.co.uk, alternatively you can grab me in the club if I am around.

Yours Aye, Jim

Chairman's Chirps

23rd September 2018

What a difference a week makes.

Much better performance this Saturday putting Old Brizzlers to the sword 50 - 5. Inclement weather did not stop Clevedon from trying to play attractive rugby, though it did seem to put off the usual support we attract at the Vale.

I would like to put it down to my wise advice on the training front, but I have been notified by a certain person whom I cannot name, (but prominent wearer of wellington boots), that it was down to his hard work and efforts.

Never mind, it was a sterling performance resulting in a much needed and well-deserved win.

The afternoon started off with a few diehard members turning up for a fine pre-match luncheon.

A bit of rain will not put off this hardy bunch. Some really tasty wraps were provided by our in-house caterer Curly, accompanied by a side salad and a portion of chips. This fare seemed to go down well with all but one of our life members, who again refused to consume "that foreign muck".

Sausage, egg and chips...He was appeased this week by having special treatment and given sausage, egg and chips.

No, he is not asleep, just a tad dozy. Was a visit to Tariq's Turkish Treats on the way home also required? The "Tallest Man" also took a bit of a shine to some of the chillies on offer and proceeded develop a rather red grid and aquire body sweats, which occasioned him to remove some outer garments. This was much to the amusement of our luxuriant locked Editor and Webmaster.

A few wets were enjoyed apres game in the bar with the Saxons returning from a well-earned draw with Tor and proceeded to join the fray with a couple of celebratory ones.

Old Richians away next week and a coach supplied, so please get on board and support the lads. Train well again guys and I'm sure you will get another W.

"None of us is as good as all of us".

Yours Aye, Jim

Natwest Six Nations

21st August 2018

Six Nations Tickets...

Paid up club members can now apply for the matches below. Tickets for all games except Italy are at present restricted and requests for more than 2 tickets may be reduced to 2 or to zero if the allocation is exhausted.

Tickets are for your use only and cannot be resold. Unwanted tickets can be returned and will be refunded.

  • England v France, Sunday 10 February, KO 15:00
  • England v Italy, Saturday 9 March, KO 16:45
  • England v Scotland, Saturday 16 March, KO 17:00

The application form can be obtained from the bar, alternatively you can obtain the form here.

Please note that the closing date is Thursday, 4 October 2018 and that the Junior tickets for the Italy game are £20.00.

Yours Aye, Jim

Return of the Grande Fromage

22nd September 2018

Smelly cheese...

Firstly, apologies from all the members of the stinky Fromage Club for our early season absence from this most hallowed of websites, but as you can now see, we are back and shall endeavour throughout the season to keep you up to date with what is happening within the festering blue smegma club.

It's been a long off season for cheesy members. However, we maintained fitness throughout the summer months by again entering a team into the Summer Skittles League, which was very efficiently run by our gin swilling El Presidente Mr. T. This year we entered under the guise of "The Stinking Bishops" and under the captaincy of the Head Cheese Smoggydon himself we destroyed virtually all opposition to finish 3rd.

A significant amount of credit for these performances must go to that most revered sporting icon and exceptional golfer John Dennet (aka Peter Stringfellow). Had it not been for his coaching skills and training dynamic, we would have been left floundering in the lower reaches of the league. Indeed, his latest coaching DVD titled "How the **** did that miss?" will soon be on sale for the bargain price of £45 - Hurry, if you want one for your skittles team. It's a (very) limited edition and is expected to sell out quickly.

A mixed start to the season on the pitch, but a pleasing start away at Gordano, and a great bounce back win on Saturday in very wet conditions following two back to back defeats. Let's hope for more success going forward.

Anyway, enough about rugby, our Grande Fromage club membership was a bit fragmented this week. With our diminutive Irish member away in his homeland packing up his mansion for the winter and Trev "The wabbit" Alder on safari in Plymouth at his youngest daughters graduation. Well done Josie!! Another notable absentee was one of the most inFLUential club members Mr Terence Sulley. Needless to say, cheese supplies were dangerously low on Saturday, but with a fair wind, they should be restored to normal smelly levels soon.

More from the Grande Fromage soon

News this week

15th September 2018

Weave: I've had enough of this, how long to go?...

Two can't be bothered to watch, three are watching and praying (Vigilate et Orate) that Clevedon turn it around and another, that looks suspiciously like Head Cheese Smoggydon, is looking at the game with only one eye. Perhaps he's hoping that when he uses both eyes, Clevedon will be winning and he can get to writing his Cheesy News to amuse us all.

Maybe the ladies in the background had a better idea by disappearing into the clubhouse to avoid the scary goings on outside. The equivalent of hiding behind the sofa during the early Doctor Who episodes.

Then again, perhaps not.

Midsomer Norton 33 Clevedon 10

15th September 2018

"Midsomer Murder Clevedon"

Team: Jordan Mein, Mitchell Jordan, Fakoya Tyrell, Grant Cherrington, Matt Fisher, Adam Coles, Tom Thie, Brian Largenton, Matt Honour(c), Blaise Bosley, Ben Chase, Oli Jones, Charlie Tucker, Toby Ford, Harvey Russell. Replacements: William Trollope, Ryan Hervey, Jack Crew. Coaches: Nick Hill/Chris Heal. Flag: Neil Tucker.

John Nettles as Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby would've been hard-pressed to solve this one.

For the first few minutes, Clevedon looked good and stretched the home side all over the park by playing it wide and fast, but that was as good as it got.

Early in the first half Clevedon became the victims as the home pack started picking them off one by one and in the end dispatching them 33-10.

Weave: Toby Ford's score is not enough...

Clevedon were seemingly ill-equipped to cope with the carnage that was happening to them and as a result were left bereft and shocked at their demise.

Their were many witnesses to this crime that were able to assist DCI Barnaby, but none were able to put their finger on any one thing.

Was it going to ground too early and getting turned over? or was it the lack of clearing out to get that quick ball? Was it the dropped passes, wrong options or fitness?

Barnaby was confused.

Hopefully, the coaching detectives will have solved this conundrum by next week when Old Bristolians come calling.

Read the report here.

Next Saturday Clevedon are at home to Old Bristolians. The kick off is at 15:00 and is preceded by the usual fun and frolics, commonly known as the Vice Presidents' Luncheon.

Chairman's Chirps

19th September 2018

Not a result we wanted this week.

As I was not in attendance I do not feel qualified to comment on our 33-10 defeat at Midsomer Norton. Needless to say, this will be short, but probably not sweet.

Apparently, a lot can be learned from this defeat. Maybe this is a wake up call for us and we can build from here.

Heads up guys, there is always next week to make amends. Train hard this week and give a good account at the Vale against Old Bristolians.

"If you train hard, you'll not only be hard, you'll be hard to beat".

Yours Aye, Jim

Natwest Six Nations

21st August 2018

Six Nations Tickets...

Paid up club members can now apply for the matches below. Tickets for all games except Italy are at present restricted and requests for more than 2 tickets may be reduced to 2 or to zero if the allocation is exhausted.

Tickets are for your use only and cannot be resold. Unwanted tickets can be returned and will be refunded.

  • England v France, Sunday 10 February, KO 15:00
  • England v Italy, Saturday 9 March, KO 16:45
  • England v Scotland, Saturday 16 March, KO 17:00

The application form can be obtained from the bar, alternatively you can obtain the form here.

Please note that the closing date is Thursday, 4 October 2018 and that the Junior tickets for the Italy game are £20.00.

Yours Aye, Jim

8rd September 2018

Weave: Scrum time...The outstanding Toby Ford started on the flank this week after excelling in training and impressing the coaches with his abilities.

His MOTM award was chosen by Matson, which is some accolade for him, given it was his first start. Hopefully he'll continue to get a run in the first that his speed around the park deserves.

Ollie Jone's in-laws have been running the after match raffle now for quite a while and this week was no exception. They raised around £80.00 for club funds, but had to enlist that "Eversoloud" Weave to shout the numbers out to the packed clubhouse. Good job you Leahy's!

Next Saturday, Clevedon are away to Midsomer Norton for a 15:00 kick off.

Clevedon 19 Matson 34

8th September 2018

"Difficult day at The Vale"

Team: Jordan Mein, Mitchell Jordan, Fakoya Tyrell, Grant Cherrington, Dave Burns, Adam Coles, Tom Thie, Brian Largenton, Matt Honour(c), Blaise Bosley, Ben Chase, Dave Rawle, Owen Biggins, Toby Ford, Charlie Tucker. Replacements: Rhys Talbot, Ryan Hervey, Oli Jones. Coaches: Nick Hill/Chris Heal. Flag: Neil Tucker.

Weave: Desmond Burns on his way to a try...

Read the report here.

Chairman's Chirps

9th September 2018

That was one hard fought game between two uncompromising teams, which resulted in a very entertaining encounter for those of us on the touchline.

I think we may have just played one of the promotion challengers and Clevedon gave a good account of themselves even if the final score at 19 - 34, does not reflect it.

Matson came with a large gnarly pack, which came out on top for most of the game. It has been a rare sight to see our forwards being bossed about in that fashion. Matson proved to be very competitive at the breakdown, turning over a lot of our ball and were well drilled at scrum and lineout. However, our boys refused to be bested and were also combative to say the least.

We were always in the game up to the last 15 when we were reduced to 14 with the sin-binning and our opponents made the most of their opportunity. Our lads battled right to the end seeking a bonus point, but it was not to be.

A mention must go to man of the match, Toby Ford who seemed to be everywhere and involved in every facet of the game.

The Saxons also put in a good shift on the other pitch coming out winners over Avonmouth in a pre-season friendly.

So, all in all, good performances by our squad and long may it continue.

Weave: John Vickers is leaving...

It is sad to see John Vickers leaving the coaching team to go on to university, but hopefully will still be involved with the club when he has some free time from his studies. Thanks for your time and energies put in John, you will be missed. BZ all-round guys.

Good to see "The cashless one" making his debut this season and continuing to entertain all and sundry. "The caulie eared, tall bloke" was missed in the clubhouse after the game. Apparently, he made a hasty retreat to the kebab van as he feared going down with malnutrition.

Next week, the first team away at Midsomer Norton. Please try and make the trip down to support our boys. Unfortunately, I can't make it, but will be pestering people for score updates.

Yours Aye, Jim

3rd September 2018

Weave: Captain Matt Honour leads out his team...Clevedon's captain this season is once again the honourable Matt Honour. Here he is leading out the team through a guard of honour from the Gordano Junior section.

Clevedon started the season with a five pointer that puts them second in the league behind Stroud on points difference.

With players returning to play and a couple of new signings, Clevedon dominated most of the forward exchanges, but were undone a couple of times by the slick and quick Gordano backs.

There is plenty to work on this week for coach Hill and his staff with Matson up next at home.

The first luncheon of the season will be at 13:30 and will finish in time for the 15:00 kick off.

Gordano 19 Clevedon 40

1st September 2018

"Clevedon ruin the party"

Team: Jordan Mein, Mitchell Jordan, Fakoya Tyrell, Grant Cherrington, Matt Fisher, Adam Coles, Tom Thie, Brian Largenton, Matt Honour(c), Blaise Bosley, Ben Chase, Oli Jones, Owen Biggins, Rory Biggins, Dave Rawle. Replacements: Charlie Tucker, Ben Stone, Warren Taylor. Coaches: N.Hill/C.Heal. Flag: SRFU.

Weave: The festival crowd...

When the gates opened at 12 noon, people started flooding into the Gordao ground for what was billed as charity fun day.

The whole event had a great festival feel to it, but unfortunately that didn't extend to the pitch.

A serious injury to a Gordano player in the second team friendly curtailed the game after 20 minutes. The ambulance took a while to arrive and consequently delayed the start of the main event by half an hour as the festival atmosphere was building for everyone except the injured played, who we hope is now on the road to recovery.

When the game did kick off, Clevedon were soon on the scoreboard with penalty and a converted try. More tries followed from both sides in an entertaining local derby league match.

The travelling blazers consumed many thirst-quenchers from the outside bar and became a little bit incoherent later in the evening, with some blaming it on the warm hazy sunshine and the lack of a hat! What nonsense.

Read the Gordano report here.

Chairman's Chirps

3rd September 2018

A fruitful and a long day out in the field for some.

It began with an abandoned game for the Saxons, who were the better side, in a friendly against Gordano seconds and culminating in a spirited win 19-40 for the first team,

The side put out was a good blend of experience and youth and proved to be a little too strong for the newly promoted Gordano side. Both our sides were well supported by a large contingent travelling up the M5 to cheer the lads on.

It was good to see some of the senior members out in force with factions from Cobweb Corner, the Big Cheesies and the No Necks, some of whom do not have so far to travel.

Weave: Stoner strutting his stuff...

The wins were celebrated in style back at the Clubhouse with Ben Stones 40th birthday bash being at the heart of it. Anyone who could not escape Stoners' clutches were treated to renditions on how to sidestep and pirouette out of tackles - Strictly Come Dancing it was not.

Roll on next week with the visit of Matson to the Vale and hopefully another win to follow up this week's triumph.

I am sad to say that I really missed Terry 'arris this Saturday as I'm sure we all did. He will be immensely missed by all at Clevedon RFC. RIP Terry.

Yours Aye, Jim

31st August 2018

With the two pre-season matches out of the way, Clevedon are looking forward to start of the season with renewed enthusiasm.

Coach Hill and his staff are eagerly preparing for the first ever league clash away against Gordano, kick off is at 15:00.

Preceding this mouth watering encounter is a friendly game between the clubs' second teams, which has a kick off time of 12:30.

Get there early and look forward to an enjoyable afternoon at Caswell Lane.

Gordano Fun Day

1st September 2018

"First game fever!!"

First ever league clash...

This Saturday Clevedon take on Gordano for the first time in the league, so come along and support the boys.

Also, as a prequel to the first team game, the Clevedon Saxons will be taking on a select fifteen from Gordano with the kick of being 12:30, so why not make a day of it?

Gordano RFC are hosting a fun day. Bring the children along as there will be plenty to do. Gates are open at 12 noon.

Besides the two games that are on offer, there will be an outdoor bar, BBQ and a bouncy castle for the kids. Entry is FREE.

The day will be raising funds for "Be More Ben", The Benjamin Pritchard Foundation, enhancing bereavement support and services.

See you there!, Tucks

4th August 2018

Welcome to the new season that has come around all too soon in my opinion.

The pre-season fixtures have already been arranged, beginning on Saturday, 18th August away to Hornets for a 14:30 kick-off. The away fixture to Yatton follows just 5 days later on Thursday, 23rd August with an evening kick-off at 19:00.

Let's hope there will be some more rain about before the latter fixture as the Hornet's one will be on their artifical pitch and not quite so harsh on the knees and elbows.

New Signings

4th August 2018

"New League, New faces, New Start"

Clevedon's new signings...

Clevedon RFC are please to announce the fist a several new signings for the coming season.

Andrew Watson has joined us as part of the clubs link with Richard Huish College in Taunton.He can play in the second row and back row.

Tyrell Fakoya has joined us from Old Reds. Tyrell is a centre who can also play on the wing.

There will be a few more joining us in the next few weeks, so what this space !!

Yatton Pre-Season

23rd August 2018

Crunch: Tom Thie as scrum half...

On a chilly evening when a lot of old boys were caught out by the strong wind, Clevedon went to Yatton for a pre-season training session and 40 minutes of roll-on roll-off rugby.

As the light faded, the match was switched to the bottom pitch where there were some flood lights that brightened up the gloom.

Former referee and Yatton Chairman Nick Williams controlled proceedings in a pair of flip flops, but still managed to keep up with the game and give good advice to players who questioned his abilities.

The session ended with Clevedon retaining the bragging rights for another season!


"Prevent concussion in rugby!"

It is crucial that all players, parents, coaches and officials are aware of the correct management of concussion.

Please use this link to look at the current RFU advice and management. It includes guidance for players, parents, coaches and officials.