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6th September 2021

"At last..."

On Saturday the 4th September 2021, a proper game of league rugby broke out for the first time since 14th March 2020.

That is 539 days or 1 year, 5 months, 21 days or 17 months, 21 days or 46,569,600 seconds or 776,160 minutes or 12,936 hours or 539 days or 77 weeks, so long ago in fact that some players weren't even out of nappies back then.

It was a similar situation for the supporters. Everyone one of us was either looking older(obvs!), thinner, fatter, greyer or slower. In some cases it was all of the above!

What hadn't changed though was the never ending wit and repartee, especially from those drinking some of the loud juice from the bar.

Long may it continue.

Club Reunion 2022

30th August 2021

"Time to reminisce..."

April 2001 Reunion

The player reunion has been rescheduled for April 23rd 2022, we thought that this would be the best option after the year we have had.

Look out for further details.

The last reunion was held way back in 2001. The photos from that event either be found here.

Neil Tucker (Tucks)
Club Chairman

Cleve 23 Clevedon 7

4th September 2021

Team: Will Carpenter, Tom Wills, Mason Parslow, Adam Livingstone, Jonny Hicks, Ethan Thomas, Danny Harris, Bryan Largenton(c), Jack Crew, Dan Allison, Ollie Jones, William Trollope, Pat Childs, Ryan Hervey, Ed Ryder Smith. Replacements: James Lugtig, Ben Allcock, Elliot Poulter. Coaches: Dave Owen, Nick George

"Plenty of heart"

Weave: A minutes silence for Brooker...

Clevedon were on the road for their first competitive league game in 17 months against Cleve, who entered Western Counties North via South West One last season.

After an emotional minutes silence for club legend Tim Brooks the started at a frantic pace and only relented when the heavies succumbed to the heat of the day.

It was always going to be a tough opening game and so it proved. However, Clevedon were never out of the game and showed some steely commitment throughout.

It was an open game of rugby that Cleve were marginally better at and they deserved their win.

Clevedon did have the possession to challenge and with a little fine tuning will be a force to reckon with for the rest of the season.

Next Week

6th September 2021

"On the road again..."

Clevedon's next game is away to second placed Winscombe on Saturday 11th September for a 14:30 kick off.