Presentation Evening

19th May 2017

"...and the winner is?"

Presentation Evening - 10 a ticketThe Clevedon RFC presentation evening will take place on Friday 19th May at the clubhouse.

Tickets will be on sale this week from behind the bar priced at only £10, so why not join us and celebrate a great season.

We will also be selling tickets on Tuesday 9th of May at the club if you want to come down and get one.

European Finals

12th May 2017

"Watch them at the club"

Tonight, Friday the 12th, sees Gloucester take on Stade Francaise at 20:00 and on Saturday at 17:00 Saracens play Clermont Auvergne.

Get there early, wander to the bar, grab a seat, sit down, relax with that lovely pint in your hands and enjoy the games.

Summer Opening

11th May 2017

"Open all hours"

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 7.00pm - 10.30pm
  • Wednesday: 7.00pm - 10.30pm
  • Thursday: 7.00pm - 10.30pm
  • Friday: 7.00pm - 10.30pm
  • Saturday: 5.00pm - 10.30pm
  • Sunday: 4.00pm - 8.00pm

Please Note: These hours may vary if and when functions take place.

Newbury Blues 25 Clevedon 22

29th April 2017

"Clevedon Blues"

Team: T.Thie, H.Butland, C.Maslen, R.Biggins, J.Tucker, K.Hill, M.Britten, B.Largenton, M.Honour, B.Bosley, D.Rawle, H.Foley, A.Davis, O.Biggins(c), B.Purcell.
Replacements: W.Trollope, B.Williams, N.Tucker, C.Tucker. Coaches: N.Hill/C.Heal Physio: M.Richards Flag: H.Lowis and N.Palmer Ref: N.Wood

Alan Crane: Prop Largenton scores Clevedon's first try...

The Clevedon playoff squad travelled on Friday evening for an overnight stay in some swankie hotel in Newbury. Apparently, they were all in bed by 23:00 for a good night's kip before Saturday's exertions against Newbury Blues.

Read Clevedon's report here and the Newbury report here. Clevedon's report will be available soon - difficult to write with teary eyes!

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Away Day

29th April 2017

Alan Crane: The Clevedon convoy...

The supporters left at 11:00 on Saturday morning, partly to avoid traffic and partly to get to Newbury for some pre-match beer. The journey was uneventful and they arrived well over two hours before kick off.

Some went for a stroll, others settled in the bar and waited for the game to begin.

It's amazing how much beer can be drunk in two hours, especially when one person has a huge thirst and drags everyone with him.

Fortunately, everyone made it to the kick off with enough loud juice on board to sink a battleship.


Alan Crane: Neil Tucker and Owen Biggins...

Fresh from the set of Deliverance: Squeal Louder, team manager Neil Tucker and Captain Owen Biggins take time out for a photo before the game.

They look confident and relaxed ahead of the biggest game of the season for Clevedon.


29th April 2017

Alan Crane: The jackets...

The post match gathering was a bit subdued for a while and then Harris starting singing and he didn't stop until the coach got back to Clevedon at 20:00. What a man.

Clevedon 55 Okehampton 34

22nd April 2017

"Tunnel of Love"

Team: H.Butland, B.Williams, C.Maslen, R.Biggins, J.Tucker, K.Hill, A.Vailes, B.Largenton, A.Davis, B.Bosley, D.Rawle, W.Trollope, H.Foley, C.Tucker, H.Russell(c).
Replacements: T.Thie, T.Statton, G.Carpenter. Coaches: N.Hill/C.Heal Physio: G.Davis Flag: N.Tucker Ref: I.Hillier

Kev Weaver: The tunnel of love...

Captain Harvey Russell seemed a bit bemused by the sight of grown men, in weird jackets, forming a tunnel of love as the first team ran out for their last league game of the season.

Normally, it would be the kids from the junior section, but the bullies in the jackets told them to get lost or else!

The unique occasion obviously inspired Clevedon to the win, but what a way for the old gits to carry on.

Alan Crane : Prop Largenton scores another try

Rivalry amongst front row players is a well known phenomenon. Clevedon have up'd the stakes with Largenton and Carpenter scoring tries within a few minutes of each other. Bragging rights even then.

Alan Crane : Prop Carpenter scores his first try

After finishing second in the league to WSM, Clevedon travel to Newbury Blues on Saturday to contest the SW1 playoffs and a chance test themselves in National League 3 next season. The coach leaves at 11:00 for a 15:00 kick off.

Read Clevedon's report here and the Okehampton one here.

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Lunch was served

22nd April 2017

The end of season Sponsors', Vice Presidents' and Life Members' lunch was a well attended event and everyone was more smartly dressed than usual.

Needless to say, "The Jackets" were out in force with Trev Alder giving his an airing for the first time this season - it looked pristine and not at all like Papa Harris's stained and lived-in one. President Mike Thomas went down a storm with his "Amazing wit and repartee" speech and afterwards handed over to Chairman Dave Russell who gave an equally amusing little talk before declaring declared the buffet open.

The noise was deafening as the chairs scraped back and the stampede began. The poor old raffle ticket sellers were left with a few crums, some salad and not a pork pie in site for dear old Pottsy.

Catering Vacancy

This job is still vacant. Please look here for details.

Russell entertains

22nd April 2017

Kev Weaver: Smiles all round...

Chairman Dave Russell chatting with sponsors Choice Cleaning Company, Okehampton's President Andy Ewen and his committee man (sorry, forgot your name!) who sorted out their pitch funding program.

Good luck Okehampton in next week's Devon Final against Brixham.

Charlie Tucker

Kev Weaver: Charlie Tuckers scores on his first start...

Charlie Tucker made his day a memorable one by scoring a try on his first start for the 1st XV.

By way of celebration afterwards, he had to drink his brother Joey's MOTM pint. Big brother wasn't too happy about missing the chance of a free pint. Apparently, he was somewhere sorting out his hair.

Kev Squared

Alan Crane: Kev & Kev...

The Kevs are great friends and neighbours who enjoy enormous amounts of Doombar and don't seem to be able to walk past any pub that sells it.

Their habitual woolly Sunday mornings are a thing of legend and they often have to be reminded about the happenings of the previous night.

Now the season's over, they're sure to reign it in a bit, unless they use summer golf as an excuse to continue their imbibing.

Clevedon 19 Weston-Super-Mare 33

13th April 2017

Team: T.Thie, B.Williams, C.Maslen, R.Biggins, H.Butland, K.Hill, A.Vailes, B.Largenton, A.Davis, B.Bosley, H.Foley, T.Statton, H.Russell, O.Biggins(c),B.Purcell.
Replacements: M.Honour, D.Rawle, G.Carpenter, W.Trollope, J.Tucker, C.Tucker, M.Fisher. Coaches: N.Hill/C.Heal Physio: G.Davis Flag: C.Hoadley and H.Garmston Ref: M.Davies

Kev Weaver: The big cuddle...

The spectators had to contend with a bitterly cold wind that threatened the lives of a few inappropriately dressed old boys.

The game was hot enough to keep them warm though, but when Clevedon finished the game with 13 men and 14 points adrift, the chill set in and they headed for the bar to seek shelter - controversial decisions being the talking point.

Congratulations to Weston-Super-Mare for their cup final win and for their league title to go with it. Being unbeaten all season is a great achievement that sees them play in National League 3 next season. Clevedon will hope to join them by winning their play off game against Newbury Blues on the 29th April.

First though, Clevedon must contend with Okehampton on Saturday in the last league game of the season. Kick off is at 15:00.

Read Clevedon's report here and the Weston-Super-Mare one here.

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Lunch is served

22nd April 2017

The end of season Sponsors', Vice Presidents' and Life Members' lunch precedes this match at 13:00. It will be something to look forward to with President Mike Thomas giving his "Amazing wit and repartee" speech.

It will be a gathering of the great and the good from around the area and sadly gate-crashed by the The Cheesies and The No Necks, who will no doubt try and make polite conversation and fail.

Keep drinking the beer and ignore them.

Catering Vacancy

This job is still vacant. Please look here for details.

End of Season Club Team Photo

30th April 2016

Kev Weaver: All for one, one for all...

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