Launceston 49 Clevedon 12

10th March 2018

"Why don't we play two second halves?"

Weave: Glad to see the back of this lot! There are no photos this week, so this is a chance see pictures from the narrow 19-21 loss earlier in the season.

Next week, Clevedon are at home to Teignmouth in a rearranged game. The kick off is at 14:30 preceded by the usual lunch.

If you were one of those "go behind the sofa" people when watching Doctor Who, then the equivalent would be to watch Clevedon battle Teignmouth outside, rather than watch England unfurl against Ireland inside the clubhouse. Come on and give the lads a shout, it's still mathematically possible to avoid the drop.

Chairman's Chirps

After the longest commute of this season, down to deepest, darkest Launceston, Cornwall (well just over the Devon border), we suffered another defeat. However, no-one was too despondent after a better second half performance. Going in at half-time 42-5 down, it looked pretty ominous. Fair play to the guys that travelled, which included 2 first team debutants James Hervey and Tom Williams (not of Bloodgate infamy) that dug in for the 2nd half, which we drew 7-7 for a final score of 49-12.

James was unlucky not to score on his first team outing as he caught a re-start out on the left wing and looked to be racing to the tryline only to be pulled back for the ball not going 10 metres. I could see from my position 50 yards away and with steamed up bins that it was clearly beyond 10 metres. No justice.

We were treated to a circuitous excursion around Devon after the gyro went askew and after stopping at Tesco's for the guys to purchase their preferred imbibement for the long journey home.

Terry 'arris seemed to revert to his childhood and initially directed the driver towards his hometown of Plymouth, eventually realising the mistake and we returned to Clevedon via Tavistock and Dartmoor. Thanks for the tour, Terry and Ian (not Drives).

It looks like we did not miss a lot by forgoing watching the England game.

As an aside, the caulie-eared tall bloke is definitely putting in a concerted effort to oust the cashless one at the top of the league table for not buying drinks. He achieved his mission again this week by not dipping in his pockets. Has he no shame?

There's a Six Nations Dinner on Friday, followed by Teignmouth at the Vale on Saturday. Please come and support the lads.

Six Nations Competitions 2018
Round 4 Results

12th March 2018, 11:47

"Two with Twelve"

Six Nations 2018 Round 4 resultsOnly two people with the maximum number wins. The Tallest Man in the World is riding high at the top, followed by Pete "Big Nose" Williams. It'll come down to points difference if both of their selections are correct. If not, there are thirteen other people with eleven wins who yet sneak the win. Look what happened last year when Ivor Tingle leap-frogged his way to second and fourth.

WHO will win it next week?????

Womens Six Nations 2018 Round 43 resultsLucky old Neil Hutton is now in second place, sandwiched between Caroline Reuben and Fiona Holland with nine wins each. They are joined by three other people with only the points difference separating them all.

If you have any queries, please notify the usual suspects if you feel your entry is incorrect!

Six Nations 2018 entry closed...Visit the SIx Nations website.

Cheesy News - Not

Big Chief Smoggie Smeghead has gone walkabout. In his absence the remaining members are still scoffing their way through pounds of the stuff. However, not one of them has the wherewithal, nor the wit and repartee to put pen to paper for our amusement.

May their prepuces fester and canker until they do.

Good News
Bad News

2nd March 2018

No games at the Vale this weekendThe good news is that the clubhouse will be open for a drink and a good old gossip about the weather and other subjects not normally discussed.

Subjects like Brexit, Trump, the alleged BBC bias or even whether the Spice Girls will sing at the royal wedding. Whatever you talk about, it should be lively and with enough finger jabbing to keep your temperature up in this chilly weather.


The bad news is that there are no games at the Vale this weekend due to that beast from the east and storm Emma dumping white stuff on the pitches. No forking or seagull help needed this week.

Dinner Dance & Presentation

27th April 2018, 19:00 'til late

Dinner Dance & Presentation 2018This event is open to all - players, members, supporters, wives, girlfriends, husbands, boyfriends and partners.

The venue is The Walton Park Hotel and the tickets cost £30 per person for a three course meal and a disco, where I will be dancing like my old self, but with my new hip!

Tickets will go on sale on the 3rd March from 12 noon and will be issued from the bar and cannot be reserved!

Search out your suits and frocks and make this a night to remember.

Your Honourable Secretary, Tucks

Chairman's Chirps

24th February 2018

"Bad week all round"

A bad week all round this one, so this will be short and sweet.

The only smiles around the place are Celtic and deservedly so. English Dave has now reverted to his original porridge loving heritage and become Scottish Dave once again. Well done the Jocks mind, they were true to their words and sent us homeward to think again.

If Cullompton must be alluded to, it will only be to mention the excellent lunch put on by our hosts and the racing tips afforded to our President by the Cully Chairman. No doubt they went well down too. Congratulations to Cully for causing a very quiet car on the return journey to Clevedon.

Yet another week where the Caulie-eared one evaded buying a round. He had a better excuse this week though, "On antibiotics" and got out of the car before the clubhouse. I'm looking forward with anticipation for his recovery and opening that constricted wallet of his when we play Keynsham next week. Get well soon Richard!.

There's a Six Nations break so come along and support the lads.

Yours Aye, Jim

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