Clevedon v. Teignmouth - POSTPONED

16th December 2017

"Rain Stops Play !"

waterlogged...Saturday's 1st team game at home to Teignmouth has been postponed due to a water logged pitch.

However, the 3rd team game away against Nailsea & Backwell is still on !! Kick off 2.15 at Nailsea. Finish wrapping those presents and get over to Nailsea and support the boys.

The club will be open as usual with some of the finest selections of beers, ciders and lagers this side of the Gordano valley! Come on down and enjoy European rugby on the big screen.

North Petherton 38 Clevedon 19

9th December 2017

"15 minutes from victory!"

Team: J.Tucker, T.Willis, T.Thie, J.Williams, D.Burns, A.Cole, A.Vailes, B.Largenton, M.Honour(c), B.Bosley, W.Trollope, O.Jones, W.Taylor, J.Crew, R.Hervey.
Replacements: J.Crichton, R.Talbot . Coaches: N.Hill/C.Heal Flag: N.Tucker

Weave: Joe Williams trots back back after his try...

Don't be mislead by the scoreline this week, because Clevedon played really well and it does them no justice at all. They were inventive, expansive and committed, but ultimately profligate towards the end of the game.

Leading 19-17 with 15 minutes left on the clock, Clevedon were undone by a couple quick surges upfield by North Petherton, who capitalised on a tiring defence to score three decisive, converted tries, which on balance they deserved and tough to report.

Nevermind, that's the first half of the season over with and time now to begin the recovery to safety. This will happen if Clevedon can remember how to hold on to a lead and grind the game out, whichwill happen on Saturday at The Vale, providing a much needed bit of Christmas cheer for the Clevedon faithful. Come on you young 'uns! and the wise old heads like captain Matt Honour, Tommy Thie and Joe Williams.

Read the report here.

Next week, Clevedon are at home to Teignmouth for a 14:30 kick off.

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The Shining Wit's Forum Week 14

Chairman's Chirps

9th December 2017

"So near, yet..."

We set off for North Petherton in reasonably high spirits and a ray of optimism for a result. Mr T at the wheel and cCauliears navigating. It's a miracle we arrived undamaged as Drives was continually asking if there was "anything left or right". Mike's neck and shoulder mobility is not what it was after all those years spent playing in the front row. Mr Potts did not instil any confidence with his replies either. Needless to say, the cashless one kept my mind off any impending danger with his non-stop stimulating conversation from the back seats.

Christmasy Chairman Jim...We arrived good and early and our hosts treated us to a superb roast dinner with all the trimmings. My vote for the best of the season - so far. Thanks, Pethy.

On a bitterly cold afternoon we were treated to a good game of rugby with both sides playing to their strengths. Our defence was much improved today and coped well for the majority of the game. The spectators saw some fine worked tries from our boys the game ebbed and flowed for the first hour or so.

I thought were on for our second win of the season when the forwards earned a penalty try and put us in front. Alas, it was not to be as we tired in the last quarter, probably due to the amount of tackles that had been put in during the earlier stages of the game. To be honest, the final score line did not reflect the game, but fair do's to Pethy, they broke loose in the final 15 minutes.

We had a new "snapper" in attendance today with Crunch taking over duties from Weave. Kev using extreme measures while using a circular saw to flay his fingers - a lucky chap indeed. Get sorted soon Weave. Those jobs around the clubhouse need your attention!

Teignmouth at the Vale at the halfway point of the season. No pressure, but it would be a nice Christmas present though lads.

Yours Aye, Jim

Onlooker's View

9th December 2017

"He's awake at last"

Hibernation is over for the onlooker who's missive is below.

The snugly wrapped Onlooker...Well, after a better display I thought we were on for a win, but it was not to be.The faithful few suffered in the cold, but I must admit my wife kitted me out with nice, snugly and warm attire, so I was comfortable.

Going down in the car Cauliears asked the usual question about food. When he was in the queue for the carvery a chap spoke to old Cauli and had a long conversation with him. Afterwards, I asked 'ears who he was and he replied "I don't talk to strangers". What an amnusing chap he is.

Chairman Jim was quiet and disappointed with the result, but was adamant that Nick the coach should stick with the young blood. This was echoed by all of Cobweb Corner.

Cashless was rather quiet and for once did not talk about football, mainly because Arsenal were not playing and because he had the biggest plate full of carvery known to man.

Happy days!

The Cheesies

10th December 2017

"Creamy curds of delight"

Will be with us shortly.

More smeggy whey next week.

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