Six Nations Competitions 2018 Round 2 Results

13th February 2018, 10:05

"Who's leading now?"

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Six Nations 2018 Round 2 resultsLawrence HoleAfter two rounds, there are still 47 people with the maximum of six wins, but a further 114 on five wins. It ain't until Pottsy has cleared the buffet

Lawrence Hole, who is currently in the number one spot due to a quirk of the ordering rules (Wins, Tie break difference and Name) will not be after the third round has been completed as he only has 34 points left. His entry has been checked as you can verify yourselves.

Womens Six Nations 2018 Round 2 resultsNeil Hutton is at the top of the Women's Six Nations competition, leading the seven people on the maximum of 6 wins. Nine people are 5 wins, so this one is still wide open with nine games to go.

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Chairman's Chirps

10th february 2018

"The seagulls failed"

Not a lot to squeak about this week with no games at the Vale due to the inclement weather and water on the pitches. The seagulls failed in their mission this week.

The game against Teignmouth is to be re-arranged for the only free Saturday left, which is March 17th, the final day of the Six Nations. Not ideal, but hoping for a favourable kick off time.

The Ladies did have a game on Sunday, but went down to an experienced Yeovil side. Not sure of the final score ,but it must have been a tough game in the wet conditions. The look of the walking wounded that came back to the Club on completion confirmed it was a demanding one. Spirit and drive still in abundance girls, keep it up.

Next week, the 1st XV are away to league leaders Exeter University, a tough one but look what we did to Drybrook! Third team home to Broadplain, so if you can't make Exeter, our 3rd XV always provide a good entertaining game of rugby.

There's a Six Nations break so come along and support the lads.

Yours Aye, Jim

Clevedon 7 Drybrook 5

3rd February 2018

"No forking this week"

Team: J.Tucker, D.Burns, A.Coles, C.Maslen, T.Willis, T.Thie, A.Vailes, B.Largenton, M.Honour(c), G.Carpenter, W.Trollope, O.Jones, H.Foley, C.Tucker, H.Russell.
Replacements: O.Biggins, W.Taylor, R.Hervey. Coaches: N.Hill/C.Heal Flag: J.Durant

Weave: The winning try...

The seagulls had done a proper job this time and drunk all the water from the puddles, leaving the usual Clevedon pudding behind.

If this were a cricket match , someone would've said that the pitch had been doctored to suit Clevedon's rampaging rhinos. Of course, this can't be true because they're all gazelles on the suddenly very popular vegan diet or is that the vegno diet, I can never be sure.

Arriving late as usual (only 50 minutes this time) and trying predict the score before he arrived, the Travelling Wilbury was completely wrong. He had predicted that Clevedon would be 6-28 down, which wouldn't have been a bad scoreline against second in the table, Drybrook.

When he saw the scoreboard, he nearly fainted. It was 7-0 to Clevedon!!

For the final thirty minutes, it was torture for him. Those that had been there from the start said "The first half was better, we shoved them all over the place", which didn't help.

Ten minutes from time, Drybrook scored an unconverted try and his sphincter was working overtime. It was apoplectic come the final seconds of the game when Drybrook had a kickable penalty, slightly right of the sticks, to win the game.

Urgent nose rubbing ensured the kick drifted left, across the face of the posts, to be greeted with the final whistle. Cue mayhem. Players, supporters and the old windy types were whooping and hollering for all they were worth. It didn't end there though.

The clubhouse was rammed with Six Nations watchers, the Colts and their opposition, both first teams and their entourages and of course those digestive loving chaps from Cobweb Corner.

The France Ireland match was starting and the old boys pulled out their blue badges and commandeered a table to watch the drama unfold. Not really taking an interest after the momentous win for Clevedon, they chatted amongst themselves boasting about their Six Nations predictions.

Let us just say that the likely result was turned on it's head in that last 40 phase, luck of the Irish, drop goal win for them. Cue mayhem again from those Irish in the crowd and silent weeping from Clevedon's Bryan largenton, our lovely French prop.

What a day and it hadn't finished yet.

Ashley Vailes, Clevedon's hirsute scrum half was doing a charity waxing. He was offering sponsors a chance to nominate a hairy part of his body that they would like to see depilated.

The more people drank, the more perverse the part they chose. The final ignomy for him was the offer of £50 for the public area, which of course he couldn't refuse.

Squeals, yelps and a series of whimpers ended his ordeal that had raised £500 for his chosen cancer charity. Well done Ash you piebald person! Photos please??

Read the honest Drybrook report here.

Next week, Clevedon are at home to Teignmouth for a 14:15 kick off.

Chairman's Chirps

3rd february 2018

"What a difference a win makes"

What a morale booster that was! The score line, 7-5, does not suggest an exciting game but it kept all that were watching, on tenterhooks right to the end. A good shift put in by both forwards and backs defensively, resulting in a backs to the wall victory. Again, a game of two halves, first half, our pack pushed them all over the Vale gaining a plethora of penalties. At the turnaround Drybrook were in the referee's favour and we gave away far too many penalties, letting them control proceedings. We could all have suffered totally different emotions if Drybrook had put over the last penalty with the final kick of the game.

At last, a bit of luck goes our way. It does not change our league position but certainly gives everyone a much-needed confidence boost. Good to see Tucks on the side line again supporting the boys. Bring him along next week Vicky, he may be our good luck charm! All wish you a speedy recovery Mr Honourable Secretary.

Same again next week guys with Teignmouth our visitors.

When enough is enough, that's when you know that you're halfway there.

A busy afternoon/evening ensued in the bar with the Colts also at home this week, going down to our neighbours Nailsea and Backwell. Joined later by our 3rds who also suffered defeat to the league leaders Barton Hill 2nds.

A good crowd also enjoyed the start of the 6 Nations and on completion, seeing our veteran scrum-half, Ashley Vailes go through the pain barrier in aid of cancer charity. Well done Ash and Ashley's pater for giving up their body and facial hair in aid of a good cause. Even Ashley's kids seemed to revel in the sight and sound of him in pain. Not sure how much was raised, but a good few quid looking at the queue to inflict agony on the poor chap.

So, on the whole a good week end for the bar,which was aided and abetted by the graft and labours of our "lovely grumpy bar steward" and his hard-pressed team, ably assisted by our Treasurer, Amy. She did not look out of place pulling pints and obviously has some previous experience.

Yours Aye, Jim

Six Nations Competitions 2018 Round 1 Results

5th February 2018, 17:47

"Was the wait worth it for you?"

Six Nations 2018 Round 1 resultsThere are 87 people who have successfully predicted the results of the round 1 matches - Is you name one of them? Analyse the spreadsheet to see if were denied 3 from 3 by that long range drop goal and then curse the luck of the Irish!!

Womens Six Nations 2018 Round 1 resultsThis will a nice initimate affair with only 22 people opting to enter this competition, which is evenly spread between the sexes. 9 people have three correct predictions, 9 have two and 4 have one. All to play for then!

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If you have any queries, please notify the usual suspects if you feel your entry is incorrect!

Six Nations Competitions 2018 - Update

5th February 2018, 09:30

"A huge retype underway"

Six Nations 2018 entry closed...Please check back later on this evening for the fully published results of the first round of both Six Nations competitions.

Our apologies for the tardiness of the results, but there's been a bit of backlash concerning some of the names entered on the sheets. A few snowballs have whinged that they're a bit disrespectful to our fellow man and demeaning for all concerned. For example, names like Mad Jock, Taffy Thomas, Paddy John, English Dave and Frenchie Bryan have all failed the test. A huge retype is currently under way.

Apologies...Once again, please accept our apologies.

Yours, Slaphead Weave & Bugeyed Crunch

The website archives are currently being researched and assembled. They will be available soonish.