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1st December 2018

"Wells, Wells, Wells"

Crunch: Inclement conditions...

Three holes in the ground. That's as entertaining as this game got with the inclement conditions not helping. When the commentary is reduced to old puns rather than meaningful insight and discussion, you know the game was a shocker.

It was only two seasons ago that these two teams were plying their trade in South West Two West. Big pre-match lunches, plenty of support and the hope of a decent season and promotion.

How things change in a couple of years. This league is a dog fight and no mistake about that. Form counts for nothing. Survival is key and that's what Clevedon's season has been become about.

Their last two meetings were a 24-28 home loss for Clevedon and a 19-3 away win, a points difference of 12 in Clevedon's favour. This result has reduced that difference to 5 and we'll have to wait until April to see who will have the bragging rights until next season

There were some mitigating circumstances for Clevedon's loss, but to mention them would be churlish and disrespectful to the boys that played this game. The tackling and covering from the young backrow was outstanding and the highlight of the game. Saying that though, everyone else tried hard and did their bit as well, but the home conditions were the winner on the day.

R.I.P. Bob DowneyBob Downey, loyal club member for over 50 years

Just a quick reminder that it is Bob's funeral at 13:30 on Friday, the 14th December at St Mary's Church, Castle Road, Clevedon and afterwards at Clevedon Rugby Club.

Wells 12 Clevedon 5

8th December 2018

Team:Jordan Mein, Matt Fisher, Fakoya Tyrell, Ryan Hervey, Mitchell Jordan, Tom Thie, Rhys Talbot, Brian Largenton, Jack Crew, Matt Honour, Rob Holbrook, William Trollope, Lewis O'Brien, Toby Ford, Charlie Tucker. Replacements: Ollie Jones, Ben Alcock, Rory McGuigan. Coaches: Nick Hill. Flag: Neil Tucker.

Crunch: The try that never was...This was disallowed and Clevedon knew it wasn't to be their day in the lovely city of Wells. The trip back over the Mendips in the failing light wasn't fun either.

Crunch: Get out of  the way Ref!...With a minute to go, 5 yards out and going for the line, Clevedon were seemingly thwarted (the picture never lies!) by the ref and that was that, game over!

Next week, Clevedon are away to Matson for a 14:15 kick off.

Chairman's Chirps

9th December 2018

Still beaming...

The caulie-eared big bloke was well. Switched on this week for a change, he purchased and devoured a nasty pasty just before kick-off to carry him through the next couple of hours. The remainder, not fed, but suitably watered, travelling support went out to brave the elements on a pretty grim day.

This was never going to be a high scoring thriller in the wet windy conditions "Over the Mendips". A term which brought back memories of spoofing days a long, long time ago. But I digress, as there was not a lot memorable about this game as far as Clevedonians are concerned.

With players being unavailable, changes had to be made, which forced the coaching team to select players in what was not their usual positions. However, for the first 20-25 minutes we hardly saw the ball and all the play was in our hal, but still managed to keep Wells from scoring with some valiant defence.

Somehow, we managed to get over the whitewash with a somewhat controversial try (if you asked any of the Wells faithful) on our first visit to their 22. A few shoulder shrugs and winks shared, we would take the ref's decision. He was closer to it than I was after all...

Second half the strong Wells pack began to take its toll. I wouldn't attempt to guess the amount of tackles put in, especially by our back row. Still, only trailing by 2 points we were still in it and on another day would probably have nicked it, but it was not to be.

Wells put us under pressure in the final minutes of the game and scored an unconverted try in the corner. To say the Wells players were pretty pleased with that one would have been an understatement! The 4 points they gained could be crucial to their survival come the end of the season.

Oh well, Matson away next week. Hopefully a better day and performance for us to witness. Come and support the lads - to quote everyone's favourite chef, "Where are you? Where are you? Let's be having you. Come on!"

Yours Aye, Jim

R.I.P. Bob Downey

23rd November 2018

Bob Downey, loyal club member for over 50 years

Bob Downey, winger, centre, full back, life long member, committee man and stalwart of Clevedon Rugby Club, began his playing days way back in the early 60s.

He continued to do so until the late 80s when his knees gave up and the flesh was unwilling to continue anymore as those little niggling injuries mounted up.

Bob was Colts coach for two years from 1992 until 1994 until his lad Michael moved on to the seniors and golf was then to become his next passion. He joined the rugby club Hookers Golf Society and Clevedon golf club where he was just as competitive as he was on the rugby field.

The series of team photographs below shows Bob during his playing days and he captained both the seconds and thirds throughout that time.

Without doubt, Bob was one of life's gentlemen and will be keenly missed by everyone that played with him and knew him.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Bob's family.

Bob's funeral has been arranged for 13:30 on Friday, the 14th December at St Mary's Church, Castle Road, Clevedon.

Light refreshments will be provided at Clevedon Rugby Club afterwards.

R.I.P. Bob

Bob's Team Photos 1966 - 1986

1966-19671967: Third from left, top row

1970-19711970: Second right, front row

1976-19771976: First from left, front row

1979-19801979: Third from left, front row

1980-19811980: First from right, front row

1966-19671985: Middle, Centre row

Content Wanted

14th August 2018

"Are you keen to write?"

Last season there were three part-time contributors under the headings of Chairman's Chirps, Onlooker's View and The Cheesies.

There was an occasional musing from Cobweb Corner, but as last season progressed, they stayed there fearing that relegation was inevitable.

They've stayed cocooned until now. Hopefully, their new found freedom will inspire them to begin their writing again as they will be eager for Clevedon to flourish in their new league.

England Internationals

14th August 2018

"Use these links to find out more"

Information about the Quilter Autumn internationals cab be found on the RFU website here.

The Six Nations 2019 information is here.


"Prevent concussion in rugby!"

It is crucial that all players, parents, coaches and officials are aware of the correct management of concussion.

Please use this link to look at the current RFU advice and management. It includes guidance for players, parents, coaches and officials.