Clevedon 59 Burnham 7

19th November 2017

"Clevedon On Fire "

Team: T.Willis, J.Tucker, C.Maslen, T.Thie, M.Parslow, A.Cole, R.Talbot, B.Largenton, J.Crew, B.Stone, W.Trollope, O.Jones, W.Taylor, H.Russell, G.Carpenter.
Replacements: J.Crichton, R.Hervey, M.Fisher, A.Warren, O.Wilson. Coaches: N.Hill/C.Heal Flag: N.Tucker

Weave: Tom Willis scores at full stretch...

Next week, Clevedon are away to Matson. The coach leaves at 11:00.

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The Shining Wit's Forum Week 12

Chairman's Chirps

19th November 2017

"Aussie Bashing"

The dear old Chirpy Chairman was at HQ and didn't see Clevedon's resounding victory at th Vale. What interesting chirps will he have this week?


The Cheesies

19th November 2017

"No room for the cheese"

The clubhouse was rammed for the England match so the Smogheads decided to hide their cheesy paraphernalia until the crowds has disappeared. What did they hide?.

Onlooker's View

19th November 2017

"Georgia on my mind"

It has been determined that the onlooker is a proud Welshman and couldn't be contacted after the Welsh result. Perhaps he will break cover to give his unique view of the events this week. Where is he?

All the best. XX

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