Six Nations Round 5

18th march 2017

"And the winners are.."

After the final round of this year's Six Nations, five of the six winners have emerged from the chasing group. They were on eleven wins beforehand and ruthlessly destroyed the grandslam hopes of the previous leaders, which is quite apt given what happened in Dublin. Only Smoggy stayed in the top six.

The top six are Ian Findlay, Ivor Tingle, Smoggy, Ivor Tingle, Scott Rogers and Calum O'Keefe. The cheques are in the post!

Weave and I would like to thank each and every one of you for entering this year's competition and for making this a successful fund-raiser for the club.

Cheers, Weave & Crunch

Six Nations Competition 2017 - Round 5Analyse the spreadsheet for yourself.

Six Nations Dinner

17th March 2017

"An audience with Jeff Probyn"

What a huge success this was!

Tom Weaver: A view from the bar...

Excellently MC'd by Jeff Durant and well organised by Bar Steward Martin Howell.

Martin's bar and catering staff went above and beyond to ensure the evening went smoothly for everyone. The only downside being the appearance of "The Whistling Microphones" who won't be invited next year I'm sure. That said though, the evening went smoothly and without incident, which is unusual to say the least!

Six Nations Dinner Guest speakerAfter the tasty, four course beef dinner, Mr. Jeff Probyn was introduced by Jeff Durant and immediately dispensed with the misbehaving accoustic aid given to him.

Jeff's hour long chat with the audience was very amusing. His reminisces and inside facts about the last double granddslam winners were funny and enlightening at the same time. Poor old Will Carling was cruelly mimicked, but in an affectionate way, if you know what I mean!

An excellent night that finished in the wee small hours should be repeated next year - let's try and get Will Carling to speak.

Bridgwater 12 Clevedon 46

15th March 2017

"Foggy, Foggy, Foggy - Oi, Oi, Oi"

Team: T.Thie, J.Tucker, C.Maslen, D.Ashfield, H.Butland, K.Hill, M.Lowis, B.Largenton, A.Davis, B.Bosley, H.Foley, T.Statton, H.Russell, O.Biggins(c), B.Purcell.
Replacements: W.Trollope, D.Rawle, J.Lugtie, G.Carpenter, A.Vailes, N.George, O.Jones. Coach: N.Hill Referee: A.Nicholas Flags: S.Baker & I.Strawbridge Physio: G.Davis

Kev Weaver: Scrum time was being able to see the opposition...On a very foggy night in Weston-Super-Mare, Clevedon triumphed in the Webb Ellis Somerset County Cup semi-final.

They will now play Weston-Super-Mare in the final on April 13th at Hornets RFC.

Read the Bridgwater report here and Clevedon's report here.

This week, Clevedon are playing away against Bridgwater & Albion in the league for a 14:30 kick off.

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30th April 2016

Kev Weaver: All for one, one for all...

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