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Clevedon 18 Cleve 16

4th December 2023

"Drop goal wins it"

Fergus Cole wins the lineout...

A riveting, if not spectacular game at The Vale kept those that kept watching (too cold for some, boring for others) entertained until the final seconds of the game.

With Cleve leading 16-15, Clevedon were awarded a penalty on the halfway line that the ref said was the last play of the match. Rather than go for the penalty attempt (too far even for Ethan), they kicked into the 22 for a lineout.

Clevedon won the lineout and somehow in the gloom (it was 16:10hrs), and unbeknown to those still watching, Ethan Thomas dropped the winning goal

To say it was a surprise would be the understatement of Clevedon’s year so far. No one was expecting or thinking about a drop goal, except of course the dogged Clevedon team on the pitch.

Whether the new-fangled, triffid-like, game-following video camera caught the decisive action, in the near dark conditions, only DOR Tony Dauncey will know when he reviews the footage.

Game Week 11 team...

If it caught the drop goal, I wonder if it caught the sheer joy and surprise on the faces of people like Pete Hand, Trev Alder and Tony Donkin? I hope so because they were a picture!

As the flag and rope getter-inners trudged around on the frost hardening ground, at least they had warm thoughts of another last second victory that Clevedon seem to be making a habit of when really they shouldn’t be.

Archie Birkbeck came on to the bench, while Matthew Mannion started in place of Joey Tucker who failed a fitness test.

Next week, Clevedon firsts are at home to Chipping Sodbury for a 14:30 kick off and the seconds are also at home against Oldfield Old Boys for a 14:30 kick off.

Weave Apologises

4th December 2023

"For the lack of photos!"

Joel Giltrow passes in the frost...

Only 12 taken week due to inclement conditions and cold fingers.

Christmas Party Night

4th December 2023

"The time is near"

JChristmas Party Night 2023

Ho, Ho, Hope you can make it !

Christmas Party Night @ "The Vale" on Saturday, 9th December.

Free Entry, Adults Only.

19:00 'til Late.