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13th April 2019

"Gordano Doubled"

Weave: Former players, Hughes, Derrick and Lester...

This very local derby had everything - sunshine, a big crowd, drama and controversy. It also drew a lot of former players from both sides to The Vale for this last league game of the season.

Some of these old players like Hughes, Derrick and Lester played for both clubs back in the day, so their loyalties must've been torn, but they weren't letting on.

With a temporary outside bar selling only cider of lager, the atmosphere became party-like as the verbal exchanges between both sets of supporters became robust and entertaining.

All local derbies should be like this!

Forthcoming events to note in your diary

13th April 2019

"RMA Gala Dinner"

RMA Gala Dinner

Good food, good wine, good company and all for a good cause, The Royal Marines association.

"RMA versus Clevedon Vets"

RMA versus Clevedon Vets

Rugby, Cider, Music... what more could you want!!

"Dinner & Dance"

Annual Dinner and Dance

This is a whole club event and everyone is welcome - players, supporters, husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, mums, dads, and anyone hasn't been mentioned.

Tickets are available from behind the bar. There is no reserving of tickets and they are on a first come, first served basis.

Don't miss out on this great way to end the season.

Kate Alder - City slicker

13th April 2019

"Wasps FC Ladies article courtesy of The Daily Telegraph"

Credit: Jeff Gilbert and Daily Telegraph

Kate Alder juggles City career with Wasps captaincy as underdogs look to stage Saracens Premier 15s upset.

Kate Alder looks every inch the City professional in her smart pencil skirt sipping on a peppermint tea in a restaurant close to her office. But when asked if she partakes in happy hour cocktails in similar upscale establishments, she chuckles: "Where would I find the time? I train with Wasps Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday."

The 26-year-old club captain is the perfect example of what many in women's rugby circles refer to as "professionals with a small p", meaning they invest the same time and dedication as professionals but must hold down a day job. Although there are 28 full-time female professionals contracted by the Rugby Football Union, there are more than 600 players involved in Premier 15s and Alder's lifestyle epitomises the majority.

It is apparent that Alder, originally from Somerset, leads something of a double life. In the evenings and at weekends, she trades her demure persona as a recruitment specialist for delivering rollicking team talks. Also at a diminutive 5ft 2in, she relishes bringing strength and aggression to her game.

"You have chosen to play a physical sport, so you need to be physical and aggressive on the right side of the law," she says. "My job in the team talk is to get their adrenalin levels to the stage where they want to tackle and hit people hard because that is how you win games. I have to get the girls ready for battle."

Alder, a graduate of Exeter University, is yet to be capped by her country, so had a daunting task as captain when a raft of big-name England internationals past and present joined the club last season. With another laugh she recalls: "I get really passionate with my team talks and, for some reason, I just couldn't swear for the first time in my captaincy career the first time I did my team talk with Rocky Clark, Amy Cokayne, Danielle Waterman. So, I was saying, 'Flipping hit them really hard' and Rocky said, 'I think what she means to say is 'f------ hit them' and that just broke the ice."

Credit: Jeff Gilbert and Daily Telegraph

Despite attracting top England players and Ireland international Claire Molloy, considered one of the best back rows in the global game, Wasps FC Ladies have minimal links to the men's professional side now based in Coventry and as a result do not have the same resources as the likes of Saracens, their opponents this weekend.

Earlier this week The Daily Telegraph revealed that Saracens, along with Bristol Bears, are offering their players contracts, albeit unpaid.

It is paving the way for professionalism in the women's club game but such is Wasps' situation, players still prepare all their own meals and pay for essentials such as supplements.

Alder says: "There is no surprise that Quins and Sarries came out as the top two. You look at their social media, their support packages, their gym facilities, they have more opportunities and they run with them. As a result a cycle develops where they attract more players, get better players and they get more funding. We are still very much that rough and ready squad but we have amazing players with an incredible and tough coach in Giselle Mather.

"I think we have a good balance where we are professional in that we train four nights a week, have incredible strength and conditioning and analysis but we still have that more rough-and-ready vibe, and I love that."

Mather, a 1994 Women's Rugby World Cup winner, has been a trailblazer as the first woman to become an RFU level four-certified coach and worked nurturing young male talent at London Irish such as Anthony Watson before taking up her role with Wasps.

It is through Mather that a fusion of professionalism is being met with fun and although all eyes are on upsetting Saracens, Alder concludes: "It has to be fun because it isn't as if our weeks aren't stressful enough. We play rugby because we absolutely love it. For whatever weird reason, we like running into people with our bodies, we choose to do it.

"If there are moments where it gets too angsty, one of the girls will say, 'I didn't drag my arse here not to enjoy myself' because we have given up so much to get here."

Clevedon 22 Gordano 21

13th April 2019

"Bragging rights equal"

Team:Ethan Thomas, Ryan Hervey, Tyrell Fakoya, Adam Coles, Matt Fisher, Tom Thie, Ashley Vailes, Bryan Largenton, Matt Honour(c), Blaise Bosley, Ben Chase, William Trollope, Rory Biggins, Dave Rawle, Toby Ford. Replacements: Warren Taylor, Rory McGuigan, Grant Cherrington. Coaches: Nick Hill. Flag: Neil Tucker.

Weave: Largenton powers through to score...

Gordano were hoping to finish above Clevedon in the league and retain bragging rights until next season and all they needed was a bonus point to do so.

The game started well for Clevedon as their power-pack dominated the exchanges. The first 15 minutes saw Clevedon racing to a 10-0 lead and looking confident.

Those old fogies on the sideline were already predicting a huge win for Clevedon. How wrong they were. The cannier ones amongst them knew that the Gordano backs were sharper than the creases in coach Nick Hill's tracksuit and the game would soon change.

And so it did.

Gordano scored a converted try to trail 10-7 and then increased their lead with a further two converted tries for a 10-21 scoreline.

There it stayed for while as Clevedon slowly began to claw the deficit back. Gordano didn't score again and thought they had the game won until an alleged deliberate knock gave Clevedon one final 5 metre srcum with the clock in the red. From this scrum Largenton went over for his second try and a final scoreline of 22-21 in Clevedon's favour.

Gordano were gutted, Clevedon were elated when the ref blew for full time and the end of a roller-coaster season.

This result and the manner in which Clevedon completed the double will rumble on all summer long throughout the pubs and bars of North Somerset.

Have a good one everyone.

Content Wanted

14th August 2018

"Are you keen to write?"

Last season there were three part-time contributors under the headings of Chairman's Chirps, Onlooker's View and The Cheesies.

There was an occasional musing from Cobweb Corner, but as last season progressed, they stayed there fearing that relegation was inevitable.

They've stayed cocooned until now. Hopefully, their new found freedom will inspire them to begin their writing again as they will be eager for Clevedon to flourish in their new league.

England Internationals

14th August 2018

"Use these links to find out more"

Information about the Quilter Autumn internationals cab be found on the RFU website here.

The Six Nations 2019 information is here.


"Prevent concussion in rugby!"

It is crucial that all players, parents, coaches and officials are aware of the correct management of concussion.

Please use this link to look at the current RFU advice and management. It includes guidance for players, parents, coaches and officials.